Parking Management Center
P: 585.275.4524

Jim Chodak
Director of Transportation & Parking

Timothy Coughlin
Assistant Director of Operations
P: 585.273.4620

Andrew Salmon
Assistant Director of Finance
P: 585.273.5158

Carol Burke
Communications Manager
P; 585.794.3389

Andrea Walton
Operations Manager – Transportation
P: 585.275.5953

Luis Cruz
Operations Manager – Parking Field
P: 585.276.6456

Matt Schwartz
Operations Manager – Parking Field
P: 585.273.4225

Doug Grotke
Project Manager
P: 585.275.6825

Margarita Reyes 
Office Manager
P: 585.275.1484

Tawana Levert
Administrative Assistant to Directors & Special Events Coordinator
P: 585.273-2140