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March 2020


Eric Hillsman

Eric always, always goes above and beyond his job. He always welcomes with a big smile and helps with parking and getting me comfortable as I am handicapped and can’t walk. It gave me a feeling of self-worth, and made me feel special like I was a human being with importance. Eric always does this when I come here!  Recognized by An Impressed Visitor

Eric was instrumental in helping with a patient that was in distress prior to nursing being contacted. Eric not only stayed with the patient, but helped me manage some unique patient needs. In the end, the patient was transported to the ED, and it was Eric who recognized his initial symptoms as something serious! Thank you for your quick response and for a friendly “good morning” everyday as I walk through the doors! Recognized by M. Francis

Eric is very polite and always gets me parked quickly. He does his job very well! Thank you, Eric! Recognized by M. Francis

Philip Ronzo

Last Friday Philip reported to public safety that my parked car was hit by another Strong employee’s car in the lot I park in off of Kendrick. During the accident – I was working and received the call regarding the incident – all shaken up I went to the scene. Philip told me how the event took place and how he reported it. Throughout the whole process Philip talked to me and helped ease my emotions, and we got a few laughs in! I can’t describe how thankful I am for Philip’s honesty regarding the situation and having the awareness he does and integrity to report what he heard. I have a brand new car and more than likely I may not have not noticed it for awhile. Philip should be recognized for putting how I may have felt if he was in my shoes first, and turning a negative, upsetting situation into a light-hearted event without discrediting what occurred! I hope other employees here can learn from him!  Recognized by K. Merriman

All those that park in lot one (3 deep parking) understand the struggle trying to leave the lot at the end of a long day. Those that work for Parking in lot one know the challenge of moving cars to ensure that all those leaving have a way to get out (those that park in the middle row). Phil does a great job of being available and easy to locate to assist with moving cars at the end of the day, to help those trying to leave can. He is always courteous and respectful with those that he comes into contact with, even when some are frustrated having to wait for someone to come move a car when we are all in a rush to get home after a trying day. Thank you for all you do for those that park in lot one! Recognized by K. Ceraci

Fred Shingleton

Fred assisted me into a wheel chair and escorted me upstairs to my appointment. He was extremely gentle and kind and caring. He’s had the same procedure done as I’m getting and was very reassuring to me that it will all go well and be successful! was at the hospital getting ready to visit my family member and accidentally locked my keys in the car. Recognized by An Appeciative Patient

Lenisha Gaines

She was our guardian angel in a time of need. She helped me get my husband to the car and got him in safely. He was still under the influence of anesthesia and couldn’t stand or step up. We have a large vehicle and I couldn’t get him in. I am 73 and frail and I could not do this alone. Thank you so much!  Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Lenisha is fantastic! She did an above and beyond job of trying to get a Valet Parking refund at GCH. It was not of huge importance, but Lenisha provided excellent customer service without hesitation. I didn’t even ask. She just thought it was the right thing to do. Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Victoria Dodson

Victoria went above and beyond to make sure we received the assistance we needed for an urgent care patient. Thank you, Victoria! Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Luis Cruz

No matter what the request, Luis is always willing to go above and beyond. He not only is so helpful with all the patient concerns, but those requests of the employees.  Recognized by M. Allen