Scottsville Rd. Parking Lot to Reopen Monday, August 3rd

As the University of Rochester begins to carry out its comprehensive plan for a safe restart and recovery, the Department of Transportation and Parking Management has begun to readjust parking measures put into place during the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Scottsville Road parking lot, temporarily closed, will reopen on August 3, with a new shuttle system designed to ensure the safety and well-being of riders. Below is a list of the changes and safety measures we’ve taken that have been approved by the Coronavirus University Restart Team (CURT). One key change is providing 30 extra shuttle trips a day, which will allow for fewer riders on each shuttle and reduced waiting times.

Once the Scottsville lot re-opens on August 3, the College Town Garage will only be accessible for Scottsville Lot parkers after 2pm on weekdays and weekends.

New Operational Changes and Safety Requirements During COVID-19

Masking required:

Face masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn at all times by all passengers when waiting for the shuttle and when on the shuttle bus. Masks will be available on the bus for passengers who may not have one.  Regardless of the number of riders on a particular shuttle, everyone must wear a mask.

Shuttle capacity:

The passenger limit on our shuttles has been reduced to 50% seating capacity (standing passengers will not be allowed). This will allow passengers to maintain distance from one another when riding our shuttles.  When the shuttle reaches capacity, the driver will notify waiting riders and they will be asked to wait for the next shuttle.

New shuttle schedule:

To reduce travel time, the shuttle will only stop at the School of Medicine and Dentistry entrance (near the clock tower). The one-stop plan allows for 30 extra shuttle trips a day, reducing the wait time to 5 minutes during peak times. The plan also shortens the amount of time passengers will be on the shuttle bus. For new shuttle schedule, please visit:

Cleaning of Our Shuttles: 

All shuttles are disinfected multiple times throughout the day to ensure hand rails and other commonly touched surfaces remain clean.  All shuttles will be sanitized overnight. A hand sanitizer dispenser has been added to each shuttle bus.  COVID-19 signage has also been placed on buses and shuttle stops.

Social Distancing:

Transportation and Parking requires that passengers maintain at least one empty seat between shuttle riders.  To maintain social distancing, every other seat will be blocked off.  Passengers should practice social distancing when possible. Passengers should not congregate when waiting for the shuttle.