Resident Student Parking

Upperclass students may bring cars to the University, however, parking spaces for resident students on the River Campus are limited. Parking for resident students is offered by lottery to those who pre-register (first-year students are not eligible for the lottery and cannot bring a car to campus). Priority is by class year. It is possible that all permits may be awarded before all requests are fulfilled. As an alternative, many resident students use the University’s free shuttles and RTS bus service to go between University properties and community activities.

River Campus requires a valid permit Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-7:00 pm. All permit holders must park in their assigned zone or lot during these times.

Vehicles displaying any paid University of Rochester parking permit may park in central campus lots in spaces not restricted by posted signs – reserved or disability spaces, and restricted areas – between 4:00 pm and 7:30 am weekdays, and at any time on weekends and University holidays. Be advised that reserved spaces, disability spaces, and restricted areas are enforced 24-hours per day.

Areas posted as Reserved, any lots with gates in the down position, fire lanes, sidewalks, grass, or any space with a no-parking sign may not be used at any time (24 hours a day/7 days a week). Permits cannot be transferred, altered, forged or manipulated in any way.

Freshmen living on campus are not eligible for a parking permit.

Off-Campus Living
Students living off campus are offered commuter parking permits and cannot keep their vehicle overnight.

Resident Students
Resident student permits are issued with student class seniority taken into consideration. Resident students may park 24/7.

Special Use Permits for Housing Areas
Special use permits for housing areas (University Park, Whipple Park, & Goler House) are only good for the area specified and are not valid in any other area.

Once your vehicle is registered, place your permit decal on your vehicle as shown here.

Graduate Student/Commuter Parking

If you choose to park on River Campus, a valid parking permit must be displayed in your vehicle at all times. Graduate and undergraduate commuter student parking permits may be purchased at the Parking Management Center (70 Goler House). The permits are lot-specific and sold based on lot availability.

Commuter students need to purchase a River Campus parking permit.  Additionally, they are also allowed to participate in the U Commute programs.

During the academic year, students studying abroad or who no longer need parking on campus can return their permit to the Parking Management Center to recover pro rata allocation of the cost of the permit.

Get In Touch

The Parking Management Center, located at 70 Goler House, is open by appointment only, Monday through Friday. For more information contact or call (585) 275-4524 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.