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The Abbey Road Conference


Friday, September 27

8:00-8:50        Registration and continental breakfast (Wolk Atrium)

8:50-9:00        Opening Remarks and Welcome (Hatch Recital Hall) 

Jamal Rossi, Joan and Martin Messinger Dean, Eastman School of Music

9:00-10:30      Session 1 (Hatch Recital Hall)

Walter Everett (University of Michigan)
          “The Mellow Depth of Melody in Abbey Road

Kenneth Womack (Monmouth University)
          “The Long One: Producing Abbey Road with George Martin and the Beatles”

10:30-10:45    Break, coffee (Wolk Atrium)

10:45-12:15    Session 2 (Hatch Recital Hall)

Katie Kapurch (Texas State University)
          “Something in the Lens: Pattie, Linda, and the Art of Looking”

Mark Spicer (Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY)
          “Abbey Road as Proto-Progressive Rock”

12:15-2:00      Lunch, Sproull Atrium, Miller Center

2:00-3:30        Session 3a (Hatch Recital Hall)

Brett Clement (Ball State University)
          “The B Sections of Abbey Road

Joel Friedman (Catholic University)
          “George Harrison’s ‘Something’: Sinatra’s Favorite Len-Mac Song”

Beth Hiser (Baldwin Wallace University)
          “Oh, That Magic Feeling: Extended Plagal Progressions on Abbey Road, Side 2”

                        Session 3b (Sproull Atrium, Miller Center)

Kit O’Toole (Chicago, IL)
          “From the Swamp to the Mersey: “Oh! Darling” and Its Debt to Swamp Pop”

Mark Osteen (Loyola University Maryland)
          “’I’ll Never Make It Alone’: ‘Oh! Darling’ in Context”

Robert Rodriguez (Chicago, IL)
          “The Lennon and McCartney Collaboration: Myth vs. Reality During the Beatles’ Final Year”

3:30-3:45        Break, cold beverages (Wolk Atrium) 

3:45-5:15        Session 4a (Hatch Recital Hall)                 

Mark Anson-Cartwright (Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY)
          “Dreams, Endings, and Cycles on Abbey Road

Timothy Koozin (University of Houston)
           “Keyboard Playing in the Beatles’ Abbey Road: Topic, Persona, and Social Discourse”

David Thurmaier (University of Missouri, Kansas City)
           “’When Paul Got an Idea or an Arrangement in his Head . . .’: Imagination, Experimentation, and Transitions in ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’” 

                        Session 4b (Sproull Atrium, Miller Center)  

Rodney Nevitt (University of Houston)
          “Abbey Road and the History of Beatles Album Cover Design”

Eric Rosenberg (Tufts University)
          “There’s a Place: Leaving Abbey Road for Good”

Paul Harris (University of Puget Sound)
          “Badfinger and Mal Evans: Carrying On Till Tomorrow”

5:15-7:30        Dinner (not provided)

7:30-8:45        Keynote (Hatch Recital Hall)

Ken Townsend (engineer and General Manager, Abbey Road Studios)
          “In Conversation: My Years at Abbey Road” (with Kenneth Womack)

9:00-10:00      After Hours (Hatch Recital Hall)

Jerry Hammack (Toronto, ON)
          “The Beatles Recording Reference Manual: Recording ‘Come Together’” 


Saturday, September 28 

8:30-9:00        Continental breakfast (Wolk Atrium)

9:00-10:30      Session 5 (Hatch Recital Hall)

Cevin Soling (Harvard University)
          “’Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’: The Beatles’ Neglected Dark Masterpiece”

Matthew Schneider (High Point University)
          “Following the Bard:  Shakespeare and the Abbey Road Medley”

Elizabeth Randell Upton (UCLA)
          “’Because’ and The Beatles’ Vocal Ensemble Styles” 

10:30-10:45    Break, coffee (Wolk Atrium)

                        Poster session open (Mahar Green Room)

                        Paul Jenkins (Franklin Pierce University) and Hugh Jenkins (Union College)
                                  “Teaching Abbey Road”

                        Katie Kapurch and Jon Marc Smith (Texas State University)
                                  “Billy Preston to Blac Rabbit: Remixing ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’”

                        Aaron Krerowicz (Ball Sate University)
                                  “Multifunctional Harmony in the Beatles Music”

10:45-12:15    Session 6 (Hatch Recital Hall)

Noriko Manabe (Temple University)
           “’Abe Road’: Kuwata Keisuke’s Linguistic Parody at the End of An Era in Japan”

Ivan Tan (Brown University)
          “Groove and Teleology on McLemore Ave”

Philippe Gonin (University of Burgundy Franche-Compté)
          “Electronic Sound: The Beatles and the Moog Synthesizer” 

12:15-1:00      Lunch, box lunch, Meliora (Betty’s Café)     

1:00-2:15        Poster session continues (Mahar Green Room)                   

2:15-3:45        Session 7 (Hatch Recital Hall)

Robert Fink (UCLA)
          “He Bad Production:  Abbey Road as Timbral Journey”

Joan Saab (University of Rochester)
          “Yoko Ono: In Her Own Right” 

3:45-4:00        Break, cold beverages (Wolk Atrium)

                        Poster session continues (Mahar Green Room)

4:00-5:30        Session 8 (Hatch Recital Hall)

Victor Coelho (Boston University)
          “Performance, Composition, and the Historical Moment of Abbey Road

Andy Flory (Carleton College)
          “Billy’s Song: Billy Preston and the Beatles” 

5:30-7:30        Dinner, Inn on Broadway (ticket required)

7:30-8:45        Keynote (Hatch Recital Hall)

Andy Babiuk (Rochester, NY)
          “The Beatles, Their Instruments, and Abbey Road

9:00-10:00      After Hours (Hatch Recital Hall)

Bruce Spizer (New Orleans, LA)
          “The Beatles Get Back to Abbey Road”


Sunday, September 29

8:30-9:00        Continental breakfast (Wolk Atrium)

9:00-10:30      Session 9 (Hatch Recital Hall)

Bruce Pilato (University of Rochester)
          “Abbey Road as the Perfect Storm”

Nicole Biamonte (McGill University)
          “Groovin’ Up Slowly: Meter and Rhythm in Abbey Road” 

10:30-10:45    Break, coffee (Wolk Atrium)

10:45-12:15    Session 10a (Hatch Recital Hall)

Matthias Heyman (University of Antwerp)
          “Recreating Abbey Road: Historically Informed Performance in The Analogues”

Karen Duchaj (Northeastern Illinois University)
         "You Should See Polythene Pam: Performance of Dialect as a Means of Indexing Social Characteristics”

Richard Mills (St Mary’s University, London)
          “Their Most Iconic Album Cover? Abbey Road, Cultural Tourism, Beatles Fandom and Progressive Nostalgia”                       

                        Session 10b (Messinger 1)

Don Traut (University of Arizona, Tucson)
          “I Know You, You Know Me: Abbey Road through the Lens of Actor-Network Theory”

Eric Hogrefe (University of Louisville)
          “Violence in ‘Come Together’”

Gabriel Lubell (Indiana University)
          "Abbey Road's Unoccupied Spaces"

12:15-1:00      Lunch, Tasteful Connections (Betty's Café)

1:00-3:00        Session 11 and Conference Wrap-Up (Hatch Recital Hall) 

Gary Astridge (Buffalo, NY)
          "The Complexity and Simplicity of Ringo's Drumming on Abbey Road"

Ken Townsend (engineer and General Manager, Abbey Road Studios)
          "Abbey Road in Words and Pictures"

John Covach (Eastman School of Music and University of Rochester)
          "And in the End: A Few Concluding Remarks"


Program Committee: Katie Kapurch, John Covach (chair), Walter Everett 

Funding and support for this conference has been provided by the University of Rochester Institute for Popular Music, the Eastman School of Music, and Schirmer Theatrical, LLC via the Wise Charitable Foundation.

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