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Elizabeth Hamilton Dabczynski (Mas) (see '76 Eastman).


George Lombart (Mas), '69 (PhD) (see '51 undergraduate).


The Rev. Timothy E. Toohig (Mas) was featured in the Lawrence, Mass., Sunday Eagle-Tribune in September. Toohig had recently been named rector of Fairfield University, where he is responsible for the spiritual and community life of 60 Jesuit priests at the university. He is also associate director of the Jesuit Institute at Boston College and a physicist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Chicago, which he travels to every other week. Father Toohig helped build Fermi Lab in 1970 and has worked since then on the neutrino laboratory section there.


George McKelvey (Mas) (see '50 undergraduate). . . . Alexander R. Stoesen (Mas), professor of history at Guilford College in North Carolina, was honored by the Guilford County Board of Health at its September 1996 meeting "in appreciation for . . . efforts toward preserving the history of the Guilford County Department of Public Health." Stoesen had written on the history of the Guilford County Health Department, which was the first to be formed in the state of North Carolina.


Tom Lodato S (MBA) (see '50 undergraduate).


George G. Landberg (Mas) (see '61 undergraduate). . . . Catherine Casaceli Terrell W (Mas) in October was named East Rochester school district's first director of curriculum and staff development. She had been the Fairport (N.Y.) district's coordinator for staff development and humanities. At the time of her appointment, Terrell was featured in an article in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.


David A. Buckley (PhD) reports he has been retired since 1985, and living in Florida since 1990.


Thomas Blum (Mas) (see '65 undergraduate).


James J. Merlihan (Mas) (see '67 undergraduate).



J. Max Goodson (PhD) is the founder of the new Boston Oral Health Clinical Resource Center, which recently received a grant of over $2 million from the National Institute of Dental Research. The new center will be part of Boston's Forsyth Dental Center, where Goodson is a senior member of the Department of Periodontology.


In October, Marigrace Bellert (Mas) was named vice president of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. . . . Charlotte Mendoza W (PhD) last fall was elected to head the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education, which consists of 250 private colleges and universities with teacher education programs. Mendoza is chair of the education department at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.


William McGowen S (MBA) has been appointed director of administration for Washington County, Pa. McGowen retired from the U.S. Navy after 34 years of service as a naval aviator, reaching the rank of rear admiral. Prior to his latest appointment, McGowen was executive director of Pittsburgh Voyager, an educational program that teaches students math, science, and technology while they sail on a former Navy training vessel.


Joan Ewing (PhD) was the subject of a feature article in November in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. At the time of the article, Ewing was celebrating her 40th anniversary with Xerox Corporation, where she works as a researcher of electrical properties and materials. Ewing was the first woman to complete an advanced degree program in electrical engineering at the University. . . . Philip S. Morse W (PhD) (see '65 undergraduate).


In June 1996, David Pfeiffer (PhD) was named editor of the Disability Studies Quarterly, a publication of the Society for Disability Studies. Pfeiffer, a professor in the Department of Public Management in the Sawyer School of Management at Suffolk University, served as a visiting professor in the Disabilities Studies Institute at the University of Hawaii at Manoa during the summer of 1996. . . . Michael A. Snyder (Mas) writes, "I have been working at 3M for the last 17 years. It is amazing how much innovative optics work is being done here at a company known for sandpaper and sticky tape. New optical products will soon be appearing on your street, fast food restaurant, computer screen, etc."


Robert Miola (PhD), professor of English and the classics at Loyola College in Maryland, has been appointed to the newly established Gerald Manley Hopkins, S.J., Chair, established by the college to recognize distinguished teaching and scholarship in the English department. In 1996, Miola was also named Loyola's Nachbahr Lecturer in the Humanities and received the Alpha Sigma Nu Award from the Jesuit Honor Society for his book, Shakespeare and Classical Comedy: The Influence of Plautus and Terence.


Catherine Constantino Koppel (PhD) (see '67 undergraduate).



Richard Koppel (PhD) (see '67 undergraduate). . . . Bipin K. Pai (PhD) won an Outstanding Teaching Award from Purdue University Calumet in Indiana, where he is professor of mechanical engineering. . . . Joan Spade (Mas) has been named director of the women's studies program at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., where she has been on the faculty since 1988. Spader specializes in the sociology of education, gender, and family.


Peter Pizzutelli S (MBA) (see '77 undergraduate).


In his Newsweek column of Oct. 28 titled "Healthy Inequality," George Will refers to the work of Jeremy Greenwood (PhD), professor of economics at Rochester. According to Will, Greenwood and Mehmet Yorukoglu of the University of Chicago "argue convincingly that something currently decried as a social dysfunction and injustice--the combination of slowing productivity growth and widening income inequality--is actually a recurring and benign phenomenon."


Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Hutchins (Mas) in 1996 served six months in the western Pacific and Indian oceans aboard USS California. . . . Tomlinson Rauscher S (MBA) has been listed in the 51st edition of Who's Who in America. He is manager of the systems products family group in the Engineering Systems Division at Xerox Corporation in Rochester.


Franco Battaglia (PhD) in November was named professor of chemical physics at the University of Roma, Italy. . . . Andrew Fornarola S (MBA) (see '79 undergraduate).


Beth Laffey S (MBA) of Artisan Solutions was part of a panel discussion with successful consultants sponsored by the Susan B. Anthony Center and the Business Women's Forum of the Simon School last fall. . . . Navy Lt. Peter M. Waters (Mas) last fall received a Letter of Appreciation while assigned at Naval Strike Warfare Center in Nevada.


Michael Rick S (MBA) is vice president of manufacturing operation for Erdle Perforating Company in Rochester. In this position, Rick is responsible for manufacturing in addition to engineering and environmental management.


Randi Minetor (Mas) has been named to the board of directors at GeVa Theatre in Rochester. Minetor is vice president, marketing communications division, at Saphar & Associates, a Rochester advertising agency. . . . Steve Nelson S (MBA) (see '86 undergraduate).


Darlene Abel S (MBA) married William Olsan on June 29, 1996, in Penfield. She is a business consultant in strategic positioning/ processes and telecommunications in Rochester and is pursuing a doctorate in education at the University. . . . Kimberly Zerr-Dye S (MBA), now in her eleventh year with Eastman Kodak Company, has been appointed manager, Marketing Research, Kodak Professional Division, U.S. and Canada Region.


Monica Mukherji Geercken S (MBA) (see '87 undergraduate).


Michael M. Chang (Mas), '96 (PhD) (see '89 undergraduate). . . . Ragnish Garg S (MBA) (see '88 undergraduate). . . . Thabiti (Earl) Lewis (Mas) (see '90 undergraduate). . . . David Michael S (MBA) (see '85 undergraduate). . . . In 1996, Da'an Pan (PhD) was named assistant professor of Chinese civilization at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pa. Pan had been assistant professor in comparative literature and east Asian languages and cultures at the University of Illinois. . . . Bernie Rubeor S (MBA) (see '85 undergraduate).


Linda Lam S (MBA) married Michael Johnston on Aug. 17, 1996, in Pittsford, N.Y. Johnston and her husband both work at Xerox. . . . John Marciante (Mas), working at the University with Professor Govind Agrawal, has devised a way to make semiconductor lasers perform with the power and precision that laser surgeons require. The pair presented the work at the annual meeting of the Optical Society of America held in Rochester in October 1996. Most laser surgery is now done using more expensive gas lasers, since the semiconductor lasers lack the power necessary. Agrawal and Marciante are now considering corporate partners to help build the new laser. . . . Walter Murphy (PhD) has been named assistant professor of psychology at Lenoir-Rhyne College in Hickory, N.C.


Peter Chu S (MBA) (see '93 undergraduate). . . . Marco Diniz S (MBA) reports he is working in Brazil at Banco Patrimônio, associated with Salomon Brothers. . . . Lori Kessler W (Mas) (see '92 undergraduate). . . . Timothy Shanahan S (MBA) married Jessica Crossed on Sept. 28, 1996, in Rochester. Shanahan is assistant vice president of the commercial banking department at M&T Bank in Rochester.


Yucel Altunbasak (Mas) (see '89 undergraduate). . . . Lawrence Creatura S (MBA) (see '87 undergraduate). . . . Don Drennon-Gala (PhD) reports he was awarded an National Institutes of Health grant for a Biomedical Research Program­Enhancement Supplement in 1996. He has also accepted an offer to be an associate editor with the refereed journal Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology, published through Oklahoma State University. . . . Jorge Palacio S (MBA) writes that he and his wife, Karina, have a daughter, Ana Karina, 2, and a son, Jorge Alberto, born Dec. 7, 1996. Palacio is materials director for Hasbro, Inc.. in Mexico, which produces Kenner, Nerf, Playskool, and Tonka lines of toys. . . . Gregory Vangellow S (MBA) (see '92 undergraduate). . . . Jeff Weisberg (Mas) (see '92 undergraduate).


Philip L. Pecora S (MBA) (see '92 undergraduate). . . . Lorena Stabins W (Mas) married Jack McDonald III on July 13, 1996, in Ithaca, N.Y. She is a fourth grade teacher in the Weston, Mass., school district. . . . Paul Woitach S (MBA) (see '80 undergraduate).


Jill Baboff W (Mas) (see '95 undergraduate). . . . Donald H. Brown Jr. (Mas) (see '92 undergraduate). . . . James H. Cain (PhD) writes, "Recently I have been enlisted by the folks from NASA to lead some team-building sessions for their Early Human Testing Initiative (a predecessor to the colonization of the moon and the journey to Mars)." . . . Julie Bentley Getz '90, '96 (PhD) (see '89 undergraduate). . . . Celine Lossa (Mas) (see '85 undergraduate). . . . Andrew Patti (PhD) (see '89 undergraduate). . . . Diana Smith-Walsh S (MBA) was featured in an article in the Rochester Business Journal in December. The article focused on the Rochester Business Opportunities Corporation, a nonprofit organization that provides support to businesses owned by women and minorities. Smith-Walsh is president of the organization.

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