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Class Notes

School of Medicine and Dentistry

1970 Philip Pizzo (MD) has been named to the board of directors of the San Francisco–based company Global Blood Therapeutics. Philip is the founding director of the Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute, former dean of Stanford University’s medical school, and a Rochester trustee.

1973 Steve Miller (Res) writes: “I retired as vice president of the Kaiser-Permanente Health Plan in Hawaii. I was also chair of the eye department for many years with a retina subspecialty. I’ve worked with the Seva Foundation, a nonprofit that currently helps develop 61 eye hospitals in 21 countries and am now the chair of the board of directors.” Steve has also written a book about adult life phases: What Do I Do Now? Thriving Through the Seven Phases of Adult Life (CreateSpace).

1975 Carol Warren Nichols (MS) (see ’72 College). . . . Paul Steinberg (Res) has published a memoir, A Salamander’s Tale (Skyhorse Publishing), about his 30 years as a prostate cancer survivor.

1978 Vincent Mosca (MD) (see ’04 College).

1982 Mark Adams (MD), ’84 (Res), ’93S (MBA) (see ’11).

1983 Heidi Beck Schwarz (MD), ’89 (Res) (see ’11 College). . . . Karl Schwarz (MD), ’86 (Res) (see ’11 College).

1984 Mark Adams (Res), ’93S (MBA) (see ’11). . . . Arthur DeCillis (MS) has been named chief medical officer of Viventia Bio, a late clinical-stage company advancing anticancer agents and based in Winnipeg, Canada.

1998 Daniel Saurborn (MD), ’99 (Res) is a cofounder and the chief operating officer of, a website and mobile app designed to help meet the spiritual needs of patients. “I see PrayerSpark as the missing link to George Engel’s biopsychosocial medicine model,” Daniel adds. The website and app “giv[es] doctors and hospitals a tool to give their patients who choose religion and faith as one of their pillars of strength.”

2004 Randy Smart (MS) has written an e-book, Zarr: The Legacy of the Vorx (Smashwords), “the story of one man trying to find his place and purpose in the universe.” Randy writes: “I’m a marriage and family therapist working in a community mental health center. I’m an avid science fiction fan who majored in psychology and minored in anthropology in college, and wanted to write a story that combined my love of science fiction with my belief in the potential of people to improve their lives. ”

2009 Jose Francisco Cortes (D) and Marianela Villarreal ’10 (D) send an update. Jose writes that he and Marianela met in 2006 at the Eastman Institute for Oral Health and married in 2012. They’ve lived in San Antonio, Texas, since 2010, where they’ve established a private dental practice. In addition, they’re both faculty members at the University of Texas Health Science Center’s dental school, and Jose is on the executive council of the American Prosthodontic Society. Last April, Jose and Marianela welcomed a daughter, Ana Sofia Cortes-Villarreal. They send a photo of Ana Sofia from her baptism last September.

2010 Marianela Villarreal (D) (see ’09).

2011 Jamie Adams (MD) and Dan Lachant ’14 (Res) married last June in Rochester. Jamie writes: “I completed my neurology residency at the University of Pennsylvania and have now returned as a fellow in the movement disorders division of neurology at U of R. Dan is a pulmonary and critical care fellow at U of R. Many U of R alumni, residents, and faculty joined us to celebrate. Pictured are: (front row, left to right) Ann Marie Pettis ’81N, Jacqueline Stemmler Adams ’67RC, ’80RC (MS) (the bride’s grandmother), Mark Adams ’82 (MD), ’84 (Res), ’93S (MBA) (the bride’s father), Dan, Jamie, Michael Gavin, Christopher Montgomery, Christopher Steevens, Jennifer Cialone ’12 (MD), Paul Vermilion ’15 (MD); (back row, left to right) Eugene Muchnik, Renee Dallasen, Trenton Tollefson, Christina Dony ’05RC, Aaron Satloff ’64 (Res), Benjamin Crawshaw ’11 (MD), Christopher Palma ’11 (MD), Tegan Vay ’11 (MD), Jarred Johnson, Francesca Decker, Benjamin Gigliotti ’05RC, ’11 (MD). In attendance but not pictured were Andrea Adams ’92N, ’97N (MS) (the bride’s mother), Donald Bordley ’80 (Res), ’81 (Flw), Priscilla Martin, Ralph Jozefowicz ’82 (Res), ’86 (Flw), Jonathan Mink, Michael Apostolakos ’90 (Res), David Trawick ’92 (Res), Rebecca Monk, and Daniel Croft.

2014 Dan Lachant (Res) (see ’11).