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Office of the President

Presidential Commission on Race and Diversity

Meeting Notes 1/11/16

Attending: Andrew Winslow, Donna Brink Fox, Grant Dever, Vivian Lewis, Tony Kinslow, LaRon Nelson, Myra Henry, Nancy Ares (phone), Nick Bigelow, Paul Burgett, Rich Feldman

Guests: Norm Burnett, Beth Olivares

  1. Interim report outline
    1. Meeting with UR Communications staff on 1/13/16 to begin drafting
    2. Report will reflect where we are at the end of the month
  2. Report from Beth Olivares and Norm Burnett on the campaign to address hate speech
    1. Charged with developing a campaign and a national model
    2. Brainstorming meeting, attended by 70 people (represented all units)
    3. Initial focus: undergrads (AS&E, ESM)
  3. Inventories of programs and initiatives that have strengthened our climate
  4. Data
  5. URMC town hall update
  6. Subgroup update
    1. Professional development for faculty and staff
    2. Focus group plans: across all schools
  7. Discussion
    1. ESM town hall 1/12 at 6:30pm.

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