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Office of the President

Presidential Commission on Race and Diversity

Meeting Notes 1/18/16

Attending: Rich, Linda Chaudron, Tony Kinslow, Nancy Ares, Myra Henry, Jim Johnson, Vivian Lewis, Carin Cole, Donna Brink Fox, Charlisa Goodlet (phone), Anne Nofziger (phone), Nick Bigelow (phone).

Guest: Paul Hagenloh (phone)

  1. Yik Yak will be discussed at our next meeting on 1/26.
  2. ESM town hall update from Donna Brink Fox
  3. Focus group plans
    1. Alums, students
    2. implicit bias training would be a good topic for focus groups
    3. focus groups are an opportunity to hear from people we have not yet heard from
    4. Nancy, Myra and Nick formed a subgroup to work on focus groups.  Hope to engage students as well.
  4. Interim report:
    1. Many of the issues and responses are local and should be managed locally.
    2. Broader themes and issues can be addressed by the commission
    3. Met with communications staff who will help to produce the report
    4. The report will be a preliminary status report
  5. Data for the interim report
    1. Graduate student data
    2. Enrollment data
  6. Discussion
  7. Town hall logistics
    1. Audio recorded, transcribed, reviewed, posted on the commission website
    2. When possible commission members will moderate
    3. D&C reporter Jim Goodman has come to some of the town hall meetings
    4. Several town hall meetings are scheduled this week
    5. AS&E event this Friday – on issues of race, not focused on Yik Yak
  8. Climate Surveys
    1. Diversity Engagement Survey for staff, faculty and some students will launch mid-Feb
    2. Undergrad survey will be done 2/1-15. ESM, AS&E graduate and undergraduate students will be surveyed. 


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