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Office of the President

Presidential Commission on Race and Diversity

Meeting Notes 1/26/16

Attending: Richard Feldman, Paul Burgett, Guylda Richard, Gail Norris, Nancy Ares, Jonathan Teoh, Charlisa Goodlet, Carin Cole, Grant Dever, Myra Henry, Tony Kinslow, Vivian Lewis, LaRon Nelson, Anne Nofziger, Nick Bigelow, Donna Brink Fox (phone), Andrew Winslow (phone)

Guests: Paul Hagenloh

  1. President Seligman has agreed to invite a Latino student to join the Commission
  2. Yik Yak discussion
    • Gail Norris has developed a set of actions that we can take regarding Yik Yak
    • The Commission is charged with making a recommendation to the President, not necessarily with unanimity
    • President Seligman will make the decision
    • Commission members vote in favor of banning Yik Yak from University servers
  3. Progress report on the work of the Commission
    • Draft of the report shared
  4. Discussion

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