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Meeting Notes 2/23/16

Attending: Linda Chaudron, Grant Dever, Richard Feldman, Donna Brink Fox (phone), Myra Henry, Tony Kinslow, LaRon Nelson (phone), Gail Norris, Carin Cole, Vivian Lewis, Anne Nofziger, Emily Cihon Fehnel

Guests: Tim Eldred, Doris Ludek, Chris HRMS team, Paul Hagenloh

  1. HRMS data demonstration -- Tim Eldred, director of HRMS, and Doris Ludek, associate director of HRMS, Christine Colaluca, HRMS team. 
    1. Powerful tool available now with the most recent version of HRMS.  Tool is live in production.
    2. Allows users to view demographic information in different formats.  
  2. Currently, there is a 17% response rate on staff and faculty diversity survey, hope to see much higher before the survey closes.
  3. Commission work plan update
    1. Staff: Review data, hiring practices.  
    2. Scope of our charge  
    3. Data will inform our recommendations  
    4. Inventories update: Carin, LaRon, Maggie are starting the process of organizing, publicizing.  
    5. Focus groups: Nancy and Myra will meet with Justin and Grant later this week to identify student invitation lists and prompts.  Hope to hold 4-5 at a time, Diversity & Inclusion Committee members will help facilitate.
    6. Anti-racism campaign: Will be publicly launching the campaign this week.  
    7. Gail has a conference call with the general counsel of Yik Yak. Language filters are not developed enough to be useful. They can ban words, but not text. They are looking at some other identifying options for users.
    8. Presidential Fund is now available for diversity programming in the College.