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Meeting Notes 3/14/16

Attending: Carin Cole, Anne Nofziger, Nancy Ares, Gail Norris, Myra Henry, Tony Kinslow, Paul Burgett, Rich Feldman, LaRon Nelson, Linda Chaudron (phone), Emily Cihon Fehnel.

Guest: Maggie Cousin

  1. Yik Yak update: Gail clarified news about user names on Yik Yak. Users can change the settings so that their user name doesn't show on posts, but they do need to register with Yik Yak.
  2. Follow up on organizing and formatting inventories:communications is not the right group for the project. Emily will follow up with IT to learn about additional resources.
  3. Rich and Paul presented an update on the work of the Commission at the Board meeting in NYC over the weekend, Rich also spoke with the ASE National Council.
  4. Discussion of preliminary recommendations
  5. Plans for the final report
    1. Findings and recommendations should be coupled in the report. Not just a data dump, but some analysis too.
    2. Nancy: hiring, recruitment and retention should all be treated together. Seamless process. Tony: we call it talent management.
    3. Organize all by faculty, staff, students
    4. Ex. Summary at start, that shares some recommendations.
  6. Paul expressed appreciation to Rich and the group for continuing to move forward in his absence.
  7. Faculty, staff and grad student climate survey has over 10,000 responses. The survey has been extended to 3/23.