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Meeting Notes 3/2/16

Attendees: Nancy Ares, Nicholas Bigelow, Carin Cole, Richard Feldman, Donna Brink Fox (phone), Myra Henry, Tony Kinslow, Anne Nofziger (phone), Gail Norris

  1. Update from the anti-racism campaign
    1. “We’re better than THAT” slogan launched at the men’s basketball game on February 27th and is generating good media coverage and enthusiasm on campus.
    2. There were a few complaints regarding the interpretation of the slogan, but overall students are responding positively.
    3. For now, the campaign will focus on undergraduate students. Eventually, there is a hope to increase outreach to graduate programs and others schools.
  2. Update on the Diversity Programming Fund
    1. College staff are working with students to decide parameters such as how to apply, what events will be funded, etc.
  3. Inventory of campus programs and events
    1. A comprehensive database is under development to track and systematically update programming on campus.
    2. The database will strengthen broad connections across offices, allowing for comparison and evaluation of UR programming.
  4. Diversity Survey yielded a 40% response rate from Eastman and AS&E undergrad and grad students.
    1. Currently analyzing data, Rich to report back when complete.
  5. Diversity Engagement Survey currently receiving 30% response rate from faculty and staff. Survey to run through March.
  6. Plans for analyses of Town Hall meeting transcripts
    1. Nancy to conduct content-­‐‑comparison analyses of transcripts with 3 doctoral students.
    2. The report will be organized by charge question, and will include specific themes within each question.
    3. School-specific and unit-­specific issues will be highlighted.
    4. Estimated 6-­‐‑8 weeks for completion.
  7. Focus Group Update
  8. Discussion of the questions for FDOs – tabled until the next meeting.
  9. Preliminary plans for the final report – tabled until the next meeting.