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Meeting Notes 3/23/16


Guests: Rick Crummins, Maggie Cousin, Beth Olivares, Jessica Guzman-Rea

  1. Rich, Paul, Justin and a few other students were on WXXI Connections this afternoon. It was an encouraging, positive discussion.
  2. Code of conduct update (Gail Norris, Rick Crummins)
    1. Review taken on based on a student demand. Due to prior revisions, there was a hole in our policy regarding discrimination and harassment. They are reworking the policy to make it more robust, similar to sexual misconduct policy.
    2. Policy draft shared and reviewed. The policy will go in the student code of conduct. It will cover all protective classes, except gender which is addressed elsewhere.
    3. We will need to determine how to act on conduct that is disturbing, but does not rise to the level of harassment. The behavior is not consistent with our community values, but it needs to be responded to outside of the conduct system. The We’re Better than THAT campaign is one such way of responding, but more should be developed.
    4. Another student demand was to include language on hate speech in the code. This has been struck down by the courts
      anywhere it has been tried, so they are not recommending it.
  3. College climate survey results presentation (Jessica Guzman-Rea, Beth Olivares) slides
    1. Shared some preliminary results from the College climate survey (confidential at this point, so not for further distribution)
    2. Hope to have more granularity for final report
  4. Anti-racism campaign update (Beth Olivares): Well received, good media coverage.
  5. Discussion and updates