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Meeting Notes 3/8/16

Attending: Vivian Lewis, Myra Henry, Tony Kinslow, Donna Brink Fox, Jonathan Teoh, Gail Norris, Rich Feldman, Emily Cihon Fehnel

  1. Yik Yak Update: will now require a user name, tied to an ISP and will make users agree to terms of use (which includes language about racist language).
  2. Currently, the faculty, staff and graduate student climate survey currently has a 35% response rate.
  3. Discussion of the faculty hiring memo to deans and FDOs regarding current practice, goals, and challenges
    1. We should also explore these issues for staff
    2. Maybe the more productive approach with staff is to frame the questions differently. Tony will think about this more and will talk it through at our next meeting.
  4. Preliminary discussion of the final report, shared draft outline
    1. Will include some of the material from the interim report
    2. Organized along the lines of the charges
    3. Vivian has reports that we can draw on for data about the climate for faculty.
    4. We will develop a list of recommendations for discussion at our next meeting.
    5. We will continue to refine the draft, members should review it and think about what they might contribute.
    6. We don't want pages and pages of data (staff data for example), but rather trends, what the data says, and what our recommendations to deal with it are.
  5. Code of conduct update: Gail is working with Rick Crummins and will present at a meeting soon.
    1. Upcoming events:
      1. Speaker on campus: Ben Shapiro on 4/5. Conservative speaker on the value of freedom of speech on college campuses. Recently had a talk at Cal State canceled – we don’t expect issues here.
      2. Chapel is sponsoring a series on race and religion.
      3. Chris Waddell will be speaking on 3/21 on the topic of disability and resilience.