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Office of the President

Office of the President

Dear Friends:

January 25, 2007

As we mark the halfway point of the 2006–2007 academic year, I wanted to highlight some of the milestones of what has been an impressive year so far.

We have been recognized by several national and international publications as an outstanding institution of higher education.

This national recognition is consistent with several highly encouraging developments.

We continue to build on our strong foundation by welcoming exceptional new leaders to the University.

Endowed professorships recognize outstanding scholarship and teaching, while helping us recruit and retain the very best faculty. They will be a major focus of our efforts in the coming years. The University recently has filled two endowed professorship positions.

Several other new professorships have been created:

Many members of the University community have received awards this year, recognizing their outstanding service, notably including:

The University has received more than $150 million in federal, state, local, corporate, and other funding since the start of the fiscal year on July 1, up slightly from the amount received for the corresponding period last year.

All divisions of the University continue to be recognized for their contributions to higher learning. From medical advances to insights into Shakespeare's personality, Rochester scholars have made a profound difference.

Progress has been made in Advancement during the last year as the result of Senior Vice President Jim Thompson's leadership and the work of the great team he is building. The initial results of this multiyear effort are favorable. During the first six months of the 2005–2006 academic year, the University in toto raised $31.482 million. In the first six months of this academic year, the University raised $48.652 million—an increase of 55 percent. If we subtract one very large gift and bequests, our total for the year is $32.922 million—an increase of 24 percent. Notably, the number of gifts received to date is up 13 percent compared to last year, and the number of pledges is up 60 percent. It is very early in a long process of building a world-class advancement operation at the University, but these are impressive first steps.

Let me highlight some key gifts by individuals this year that already have made a difference.

Our athletes and artists have triumphed also.

I look forward to moving ahead with recommendations from two task forces I appointed. In October, I adopted the 31 recommendations suggested by the Task Force on Faculty Diversity and Inclusiveness, led by Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity Lynne Davidson. Lynne is working with the newly assigned diversity officers in each of the schools to implement the faculty diversity program University-wide.

In November, I received recommendations compiled by the Steering Committee on Technology Transfer and Corporate Alliances. To coordinate tech transfer activities, I appointed the Technology Transfer Policy Committee, chaired by Provost Charles Phelps and including Paul Slattery, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in the College, andDavid Guzick, Dean of the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

It has been a wonderful academic year, and as I like to say, we are just warming up!


Joel Seligman