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Student Code of Conduct

April 26, 2016

To: The University Community

Re: Student Code of Conduct

I am today fully adopting recommended changes to the Student Code of Conduct prepared by General Counsel Gail Norris and Dean Richard Feldman.

As their attached Memorandum states, these changes will ensure that students who believe that they are subject to discrimination and harassment will have the same protections as students currently have under our Sexual Misconduct Policy.

The Memorandum recognizes that we have limited ability to adopt changes in a Student Code of Conduct concerning hate speech given existing case law. We are, however, taking steps to attempt to further address hate speech through our Communal Principles when there otherwise is no violation of our Student Code of Conduct or criminal law. 

Our determination can be stated simply. We wish to take every reasonable step to protect our entire community and help all feel safe on our campus.  Racist or other hate speech has no place on our campus.