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The public printing system is evolving

Changes During Summer 2015

The current River Campus public computing Pay-for-Print system is being upgraded, and the backend systems are being updated. The current printers and release stations are not being changed; the methods of printing, naming, and releasing jobs are not changing.

If you are already a UR Wireless printing user, your local printer drivers and the popup software need to be updated. See the wireless printing page for upgrade instructions.

Dedicated Pharos accounts are being retired. Any balance on your existing Pharos account will carry over to the new system, but all payments will now come from your Flex account, or via a Visitor copy card.

Cloudy Queues

When someone sends a print job, they will have the ability to release that job from any UR Pay-for-print Print Release Station. As an example, if someone sends a print job in the Rush Rhees Reference area, they can release their print job from the Reference area, the IT Center, or any other Public Printing Area. The job will be printed to the printer that is next to the release station from which it was released.

-Printing from personal computers. A print a job can be sent from anywhere on the UR Wireless network, and will be available to release at a number of convenient locations. Only 3 printers are installed on your laptop to have access to the nearly 30 printers deployed around campus.

-Redundancy. If a printer or release station is out of service in a particular area, users can walk to another area to release their job.

What do the queues look like?

There are 3 queues. BWLaser for high speed laser printers, BWWax for black and white jobs printed to wax printers, and ColorWax for color jobs printed to wax printers.

Paying for Printing

Undergraduates in the College can swipe their ID cards at Print Release Stations and have deductions made from their Flex accounts for each page printed, and can check the balance in the account each time the card is swiped. 

Adding funds to Flex

Any University ID holder can go to the Customer Service Center in Susan B. Anthony Hall and add money to their Flex account by check, cash, or credit card. The Customer Service Center is located in Room 114A and is open Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. (585-275-3975). Any of the Value Transfer Stations (VTS) located in the IT Center, Rush Rhees, Carlson, and Sibley libraries can also be used to add funds.

Flex Problems.

If you have questions or complaints about Flex Accounts, Visitor Cards, or have problems using an ID for printing, call the Auxiliary Programs service desk at 275-3975. They are open 10-7, Mondays through Fridays, and 10-2 on Saturdays.

Visitor Cards

Anyone can purchase a prepaid "University Visitor" card for use with pay-for-print as well as for the copy machines. These can be purchased at the Library Reference Desk or at any Value Transfer Station in the IT Center, Rush Rhees, Carlson or Sibley Libraries. A visitor's card, available for purchase at any VTS, can also be used to operate photocopiers.