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Office of the Provost

Complete Listing of Honorary Degree Recipients

Alphabetical by last name

ABBOTT, GeorgeDoctor of Humane Letters1961
ABRAMS, Meyer HowardDoctor of Humane Letters1978
ADAM, Robert Borthwick IIDoctor of Letters1937
ADAMS, John QuincyDoctor of Divinity1913
ADAMS, RobertDoctor of Science1943
AKELEY, Louis EllsworthDoctor of Laws1912
ALCHIAN, ArmenDoctor of Laws1983
ALESSANDRO, VictorDoctor of Music1948
ALEXANDER, LamarDoctor of Laws1991
ALLEN, Willard M.Doctor of Science1957
ALLIS, M.H.Master of Arts1860
ANDERSON, GalushaDoctor of Divinity1866
ANDERSON, GalushaDoctor of Laws1884
ANDERSON, John B.Doctor of Divinity1916
ANDERSON, MarianDoctor of Humane Letters1957
ANDERSON, PorterDoctor of Science2015
ANSTICE, HenryDoctor of Divinity1875
ARMSBY, James H.Master of Arts1855
ARNOLD, Albert N.Doctor of Divinity1860
ASHBERY, JohnDoctor of Humane Letters1994
AUSTIN, John A.Master of Arts1859
AXELROD, DavidDoctor of Science1986
AYER, Nathan WheelerMaster of Arts1859
AYRES, Leonard PorterDoctor of Laws1930
BABBIT, MiltonDoctor of Music1997
BACKUS, J.S.Master of Arts1851
BACKUS, Jay S.Doctor of Divinity1859
BACKUS, Truman J.Doctor of Laws1883
BAILEY, Joseph MeadDoctor of Laws1879
BAIRD, Douglas G.Doctor of Laws1994
BALDWIN, Charles J.Doctor of Divinity1900
BANNISTER, Roger GilbertDoctor of Science1985
BARBOUR, Clarence A.Doctor of Divinity1901
BARKER, Joseph WarrenDoctor of Engineering1944
BARNES, Henry W.Doctor of Divinity1903
BARRETT, A.J.Doctor of Divinity1884
BARRETT, AndreaDoctor of Humane Letters2004
BARSTOW, Henry HaydenDoctor of Divinity1921
BARTLETT, MurrayDoctor of Divinity1908
BAUSCH, EdwardMaster of Arts1908
BAUSCH, EdwardDoctor of Laws1931
BAXTER, James PhinneyDoctor of Laws1960
BAYNE-JONES, StanhopeDoctor of Science1943
BEADLE, George WellsDoctor of Science1963
BEAVEN, Albert WilliamDoctor of Divinity1920
BECKER, Carl LotusDoctor of Letters1938
BECKER, Gary S.Doctor of Science1995
BELMONT, Eleanor RobsonDoctor of Humane Letters1934
BENEDICT, Nehemiah H.Doctor of Divinity1870
BENET, Stephen VincentDoctor of Letters1940
BENJAMIN, Edward BernardDoctor of Humane Letters1960
BENJAMIN, ReginaDoctor of Science2012
BENNETT, Richard B.Doctor of Laws1932
BERELSON, BernardDoctor of Science1977
BERG, Paul Ph.D.Doctor of Science1978
BERKNER, Lloyd VielDoctor of Science1960
BERNARDINI, GilbertoDoctor of Science1964
BERNSTEIN, Basil B.Doctor of Humane Letters1989
BERNSTEIN, Philip SidneyDoctor of Divinity1959
BERRY, George PackerDoctor of Science1955
BETTERIDGE, Walter RobertDoctor of Divinity1906
BIAL, DeborahDoctor of Humane Letters2015
BIBBY, Basil GloverDoctor of Science1979
BIGELOW, J.F.Master of Arts1857
BIGGS, Hermann MichaelDoctor of Laws1918
BIRNBAUM, Linda S.Doctor of Science2010
BISHOP, John MichaelDoctor of Science1997
BLALOCK, AlfredDoctor of Science1951
BLEULER, Manfred EugenDoctor of Science1976
BLOCH, ErichDoctor of Science1986
BLOOM, Floyd ElliotDoctor of Science1985
BOGLE, John CliftonDoctor of Laws2000
BOLLINGER, Lee C.Doctor of Laws2005
BOONSTRA, CornelisDoctor of Laws1992
BOWEN, Benjamin LesterDoctor of Literature1912
BOWEN, Catherine DrinkerDoctor of Letters1945
BOX, George Edward PelhamDoctor of Science1975
BOYD, RobertMaster of Arts1853
BOYER, Ernest LeroyDoctor of Laws1975
BRACKETT, John BillingsDoctor of Divinity1872
BRADLEY, George B.Doctor of Laws1894
BRADLEY, J.D.Bachelor of Arts1858
BRANSCOMB, Lewis McAdoryDoctor of Science1971
BRAUNWALD, EugeneDoctor of Science2010
BRECKINRIDGE, MaryDoctor of Laws1940
BRENT, Charles HenryDoctor of Laws1922
BRENT, Robert LeonardDoctor of Science1988
BREYER, StephenDoctor of Laws1983
BRIDGES, Horace JamesDoctor of Literature1927
BRIGGS, AsaDoctor of Laws1980
BRIGGS, HoraceMaster of Arts1862
BRIGHT, EdwardDoctor of Divinity1852
BRODSKY, JosephDoctor of Humane Letters1982
BRONFMAN, EdgarDoctor of Humane Letters1999
BRONK, MitchellDoctor of Divinity1913
BROOKINS, Homer DeWiltonMaster of Arts1913
BROOKS, Alexander AtwoodDoctor of Philosophy1875
BROWN, HaroldDoctor of Science1975
BROWN, Kenneth IrvingDoctor of Laws1935
BROWN, Roscoe Conklin EnsignDoctor of Literature1925
BROWN, T. EdwinDoctor of Divinity1875
BROWNLEE, Paula P.Doctor of Humane Letters1992
BRUBECK, DaveDoctor of Music2008
BUCK, Peter HenryDoctor of Science1939
BUNCHE, Ralph JohnsonDoctor of Laws1950
BURGESS, Warran RamrolphDoctor of Laws1948
BURKE, KennethDoctor of Humane Letters1972
BURKHART, Harvey JaconDoctor of Laws1920
BURNS, Arthur F.Doctor of Science1963
BURRITT, Bailey BartonDoctor of Laws1945
BURROUGHS, John C.Doctor of Divinity1858
BURTON, C.V.W.Master of Arts1853
BURTON, Reuben E.Doctor of Divinity1907
BUSH, George Herbert WalkerDoctor of Laws1983
BUTRICK, Wallace H.Doctor of Divinity1898
CABOT, Richard ClarkeDoctor of Laws1930
CALLOWAY, CabDoctor of Fine Arts1993
CAMPBELL, Allen M.Doctor of Science1981
CAMPBELL, R.G.Doctor of Divinity1881
CANADAY, John E.Doctor of Humane Letters1974
CARDINAL, TantooDoctor of Fine Arts1993
CARMAN, Augustine SpencerDoctor of Divinity1913
CARPENTER, Stephen H.Doctor of Laws1871
CARSON, Benjamin S., Sr.Doctor of Science2010
CARTER, RonDoctor of Music2010
CARVER, George WashingtonDoctor of Science1941
CASE, Everett NeedhamDoctor of Laws1948
CASSETY, James M.Doctor of Philosophy1883
CASTLE, William R. Jr.Doctor of Laws1932
CHAMBERLAIN, J.Master of Arts1853
CHAMPLIN, James T.Doctor of Divinity1855
CHANDLER, C.N.Master of Arts1853
CHERRY, Cummings WaldoDoctor of Divinity1921
CHESONIS, ArunasDoctor of Laws2004
CHOWN, J.P.Doctor of Divinity1865
CHU, StevenDoctor of Science1998
CHURCH, Sanford E.Doctor of Laws1868
CHURCHILL, Winston L.S.Doctor of Laws1941
CLARK, George W.Doctor of Divinity1872
CLARK, J.W.B.Doctor of Divinity1877
CLARK, Leland Charles Jr.Doctor of Science1984
CLARK, MatthewDoctor of Divinity2012
CLARK, Orlando ElmerMaster of Arts1907
CLARKE, Hans ThacherDoctor of Science1953
CLARKE, HenryDoctor of Divinity1918
CLEGHORN, AdamsMaster of Arts1853
COATS, Adelbert S.Doctor of Divinity1918
COCHRANE, Archibald L.Doctor of Science1977
COE, George AlbertDoctor of Laws1909
COIT, AlbertDoctor of Divinity1888
COIT, Charles PierpontDoctor of Divinity1892
COLADARCI, Arthur P.Doctor of Science1971
COLGROVE, Fredrick WeltonDoctor of Divinity1893
COLSON, Elizabeth FlorenceDoctor of Science1985
COMSTOCK, Ada LouiseDoctor of Laws1924
CONABLE, Barber Jr.Doctor of Laws1984
CONE, Edward T.Doctor of Music1973
CONGER, Horace M.Master of Arts1864
CONWAY, Jill KerDoctor of Laws1990
CONWELL, EstherDoctor of Science2011
COOKE, Walter PlattDoctor of Laws1928
COOPER, Sir William MansfieldDoctor of Humane Letters1970
COOPER, TheodoreDoctor of Science1979
COPLAND, AaronDoctor of Music1976
COREA, ChickDoctor of Music2017
COREY, Daniel G.Doctor of Divinity1859
COREY, Sidney A.Master of Arts1852
CORI, Getty TheresaDoctor of Science1955
CORNER, George WashingtonDoctor of Science1944
CORSON, Dale RaymondDoctor of Science1975
COWLES, JohnDoctor of Laws1959
CRANE, Cephas B.Doctor of Divinity1868
CRAWSHAW, William HenryDoctor of Literature1909
CREMIN, LawerenceDoctor of Laws1980
CROSS, Wilber LuciusDoctor of Laws1934
CROWELL, WilliamDoctor of Divinity1857
CROZIER, Catharine (Gleason)Doctor of Musical Arts2000
CUMMINGS, Marcus F.Master of Arts1872
CUNNINGHAM, Joseph F.Doctor of Laws2016
CUOMO, Mario MatthewDoctor of Laws1985
CURIE, EveDoctor of Letters1941
CURTIS, Edward PeckDoctor of Laws1949
CURTISS, George WilliamMaster of Arts1852
CUSHING, HarveyDoctor of Science1931
CUTLER, Elliot CarrDoctor of Science1946
DANFORTH, EdwinaMaster of Arts1930
DAVIDSON, Thomas L.Master of Arts1855
DAVIDSON, Thomas L.Doctor of Divinity1863
DAVIES, RobertsonDoctor of Humane Letters1983
DAVIS, Natalie ZemonDoctor of Humane Letters1986
DEAN, Henry W.Master of Arts1854
DEAN, John H.Master of Arts1870
DEAN, Vera MichelesDoctor of Humane Letters1943
DEAN, WilliamsDoctor of Divinity1851
DeKIEWIET, Cornelis WillemDoctor of Humane Letters1943
DeMARCHIENNES, Emile deDoctor of Laws1923
DENLIGH, John HallidayDoctor of Laws1919
DEWEY, Charles AyraultDoctor of Letters1924
DEWEY, Thomas E.Doctor of Laws1957
DEXTER, James E.Master of Arts1853
DICKE, Robert HenryDoctor of Science1981
DOLE, Elizabeth HanfordDoctor of Humane Letters1995
DONOVAN, Hedley WilliamsDoctor of Humane Letters1968
DOUGLAS, Paul HowardDoctor of Laws1952
DOUGLASS, FrederickDoctor of Laws2018
DOX, RutgerDoctor of Divinity1912
DRAKE, J.A.Bachelor of Arts1858
DuBois, Eugene FloydDoctor of Science1948
DUBOS, Rene JulesDoctor of Science1941
DuBRIDGE, Lee AlvinDoctor of Laws1953
DUFFY, Robert J.Doctor of Laws2015
DUKE, Leilani LattinDoctor of Fine Arts1998
DURANT, HenryDoctor of Laws1871
DUTHIE, Robert ButhanDoctor of Science1982
DuVIGNEAUD, VincentDoctor of Science1965
EADY, CorneliusDoctor of Fine Arts2010
EATON, Elon HowardMaster of Science1910
ECKERT, RobertDoctor of Laws2004
EISENHOWER, Dwight D.Doctor of Laws1963
ELIOT, Martha MayDoctor of Humane Letters1948
ELLINGSON, MarkDoctor of Laws1951
ELLMANN, Richard D.Doctor of Humane Letters1981
ELLWANGER, George H.Master of Arts1896
ELWELL, HerbertDoctor of Music1954
ELY, William W.Doctor of Laws1869
EMERSON, Henry PendexterDoctor of Laws1911
ESTABROOK, Ronald W.Doctor of Science1980
ESTY, Alexander R.Master of Arts1866
EVANS, Asher BentonMaster of Arts1864
EVANS, BenjaminDoctor of Divinity1857
EVANS, Philip SaffertDoctor of Divinity1906
EVERAERT, Pierre JeanDoctor of Laws1993
EWING, JamesDoctor of Science1932
FABER, William FredrickDoctor of Divinity1905
FAGAN, GarthDoctor of Fine Arts1986
FAGIN, Claire M.Doctor of Science1987
FAILLS, GioacchinoDoctor of Science1949
FALCONER, Robert AlexanderDoctor of Laws1928
FAMA, Eugene F.Doctor of Laws1987
FAUCI, AnthonyDoctor of Science1999
FAXON, Nathaniel WalesDoctor of Science1958
FAY, Henry HarrisonMaster of Arts1859
FELDMAN, JeromeDoctor of Science1997
FELDSTEIN, Martin StuartDoctor of Laws1984
FELIX, Robert HannaDoctor of Science1964
FENN, Wallace OsgoodDoctor of Science1965
FENNELL, FredrickDoctor of Music1988
FENNER, Burt LeslieMaster of Arts1911
FENNO, Richard F., Jr.Doctor of Laws2006
FERMI, EnricoDoctor of Sciene1952
FIELDING, Ronald H.Doctor of Laws2018
FINLETTER, Thomas KnightDoctor of Laws1950
FINLEY, John HustonDoctor of Laws1931
FISH, Henry C.Master of Arts1852
FISH, Henry C.Doctor of Divinity1858
FISHER, Edwin AugustusMaster of Arts1927
FISON, LorimerMaster of Arts1880
FITZPATRICK, ThomasDoctor of Science1996
FLAVELL, John H.Doctor of Humane Letters1991
FLEMING, RenéeDoctor of Music2011
FOGEL, Robert WilliamDoctor of Science1987
FOLSOM, Marion BayardDoctor of Laws1945
FOOTE, IsraelDoctor of Divinity1864
FOOTE, NathanielDoctor of Laws1917
FORBES, Jr., The Reverend Dr. James AlexanderDoctor of Divinity2013
FORBES, John FranklinDoctor of Philosophy1887
FORD, Guy StantonDoctor of Humane Letters1938
FORD, Loretta C.Doctor of Science2000
FOREMAN, Edward ReubenMaster of Arts1931
FORTE, AllenDoctor of Music1978
FOSDICK, Frank SheldonDoctor of Laws1921
FOSDICK, Harry EmersonDoctor of Laws1925
FOX, Dixon RyanDoctor of Laws1935
FOX, NormanDoctor of Divinity1887
FREDRICKSON, Donald SharpDoctor of Science1986
FREEDMAN, James OliverDoctor of Humane Letters2002
FREEMAN, Douglas SouthallDoctor of Letters1943
FREEMAN, RobertDoctor of Music2015
FRIEDMAN, MiltonDoctor of Science1971
FULTON, Jastin D.Doctor of Divinity1870
GABBE, Steven G.Doctor of Science2006
GADD, SteveDoctor of Music2017
GAJDUSEK, Daniel CarletonDoctor of Science1977
GALLIE, W. EdwardDoctor of Science1952
GALLO, Robert CharlesDoctor of Science1985
GALLY, MerrittDoctor of Science1904
GALWAY, Sir JamesDoctor of Music2014
GAMMEL, WilliamDoctor of Laws1859
GANNETT, Caroline WernerDoctor of Laws1953
GANNETT, Mary Thorn LewisDoctor of Humane Letters1941
GANS, RudolphDoctor of Music1938
GARDNER, AddisonDoctor of Laws1851
GARDNER, Corliss B.Doctor of Divinity1893
GARDNER, John W.Doctor of Laws1962
GASSER, Herbert SpencerDoctor of Science1940
GATES, Henry Louis Jr.Doctor of Humane Letters1990
GATES, Thomas Sovereign Jr.Doctor of Laws1975
GEHRIG, BrunoDoctor of Laws2006
GIBSON, Edward GeorgeDoctor of Science1974
GIFFORD, C.P.Doctor of Divinity1896
GILBERT, Grove KarlDoctor of Laws1898
GILBERT, WalterDoctor of Science1979
GILLET, FernandDoctor of Music1973
GILLETT, Erastus JuddDoctor of Divinity1857
GILMORE, David ChandlerDoctor of Divinity1915
GLEASON, Marion N.Master of Science1962
GODOWSKY, LeopoldDoctor of Science1977
GOLDBERG, Herman RaphaelDoctor of Laws1965
GOLDSCHMEDING, FritsDoctor of Laws1994
GOLER, George W.Doctor of Science1925
GOLISANO, ThomasDoctor of Laws2007
GOODSPEAD, Edgar J.Doctor of Divinity1896
GOODSPEAD, Thomas WakefieldDoctor of Laws1913
GOUBLEMAN, Jacob SamuelDoctor of Divinity1887
GOWANS, James LearmonthDoctor of Science1987
GRAVES, Frank PierrepontDoctor of Literature1923
GRAY, DavidMaster of Arts1874
GRAY, Edgar HarknessDoctor of Divinity1864
GRAY, Hanna HolbornDoctor of Laws1980
GRAY, Harry BarkusDoctor of Science1987
GREENE, Evarts BoutellDoctor of Laws1931
GREENE, MaxineDoctor of Humane Letters1993
GREENE, Samuel H.Doctor of Divinity1892
GREENWOOD, John WilliamDoctor of Divinity1916
GROUT, Donald J.Doctor of Music1981
GUILLEMIN, RogerDoctor of Science1976
GUTMANN, AmyDoctor of Laws2005
HAMBURG, DavidDoctor of Science1981
HAMILTON, AliceDoctor of Science1938
HAMILTON, EdithDoctor of Letters1949
HANKS, Horace TracyDoctor of Laws1898
HARKNESS, WilliamDoctor of Laws1874
HARLESTON, BernardDoctor of Science1972
HARMAN, AvrahamDoctor of Laws1968
HARMSWORTH, CharlesDoctor of Laws1917
HARRIS, Roy EllsworthDoctor of Music1946
HARRIS, William H.Master of Arts1864
HARRISON, Guy FraserDoctor of Music1952
HARVEY, RansomDoctor of Divinity1901
HAUGHNAUT, P.B.Master of Arts1851
HAVENS, Raymond DexterDoctor of Literature1926
HAWKES, Herbert EdwinDoctor of Laws1929
HAYDEN, Francis V.Doctor of Laws1878
HAYDON, F.W.Master of Arts1863
HECHT, AnthonyDoctor of Humane Letters1987
HEINEKEN, Alfred HenryDoctor of Laws1989
HEINRICHS, JacobDoctor of Divinity1914
HENDERSON, Donald AinslieDoctor of Science1977
HENDERSON, VirginiaDoctor of Science1972
HENNEY, Jane E.Doctor of Science2006
HERDLE, Gertrude RosalindMaster of Arts1925
HEWSON, WilliamMaster of Arts1854
HICKOK, Henry F.Doctor of Divinity1882
HILL, ArchibaldDoctor of Science1959
HILL, John M.Doctor of Divinity1853
HILLEBOE, Herman ErtresvaagDoctor of Science1953
HOCKFIELD, Susan ('73)Doctor of Science2013
HODGE, M.G.Master of Arts1854
HODGMAN, Thomas Morey Jr.Doctor of Laws1907
HOFFMAN, MalvinaDoctor of Fine Arts1937
HOFFMAN, Paul GrayDoctor of Laws1944
HOLT, L. EmmettDoctor of Laws1902
HOOKER, Albert HuntingtonMaster of Science1920
HOOKER, Elon HowardDoctor of Science1927
HORTON, FrankDoctor of Laws1993
HOTELLING, HaroldDoctor of Science1963
HOUGHTON, Alanson BigelowDoctor of Laws1930
HOUGHTON, Arthur AmoryDoctor of Laws1952
HOVHANESS, AlanDoctor of Music1958
HOWARD, W.G.Doctor of Divinity1854
HOWE, Harrison EstellDoctor of Science1927
HOWELL, E.E.Master of Arts1880
HOYT, ColgateMaster of Arts1895
HOYT, WaylandDoctor of Divinity1877
HU, ShihDoctor of Laws1942
HUGHES, Edwin HoltDoctor of Laws1924
HULL, Robert BruceDoctor of Divinity1887
HUMPHREY, George MagoffinDoctor of Laws1953
HUNT, Emory WilliamDoctor of Laws1902
HUNT, WashingtonDoctor of Laws1851
HUNTINGTON, George BriggsDoctor of Divinity1921
HURLBUT, RobertDoctor of Science2012
HURTADO, AlbertoDoctor of Science1959
HUTCHESON, EmestDoctor of Music1942
HUTCHINS, Robert MaynardDoctor of Laws1958
INGELFINGER, Franz J.Doctor of Science1976
JACKS, Lawrence PearsallDoctor of Laws1930
JACKSON, Shirley AnnDoctor of Science2007
JAMES, Frank CyrilDoctor of Laws1954
JAMES, OwenDoctor of Divinity1895
JENSEN, Michael C.Doctor of Laws2001
JEWETT, Milo P.Doctor of Laws1861
JOHNSON, Alfred LeRoyDoctor of Science1945
JOHNSON, Elias H.Doctor of Divinity1878
JOHNSON, RossiterDoctor of Philosophy1888
JOHNSON, RossiterDoctor of Laws1893
JOHNSON, William A., Jr.Doctor of Laws2006
JOHNSON-MASTERS, VirginiaDoctor of Science1987
JONES, Lloyd AncileDoctor of Science1933
JONES, Philip L.Doctor of Divinity1894
KAELBER, William G.Master of Humane Letters1943
KALFF, PeterDoctor of Laws1998
KAPPLER, John W.Doctor of Science1991
KARRER, HeinzDoctor of Laws2010
KEATING, Kenneth B.Doctor of Laws1954
KEEGAN, RobertDoctor of Laws2010
KELLY, RobertDoctor of Laws1852
KELSEY, Francis W.Doctor of Philosophy1888
KELSEY, Francis WilleyDoctor of Laws1910
KENDRICK, Henry L.Doctor of Laws1869
KENDRICK, J. RylandDoctor of Divinity1866
KENNAN, GeorgeDoctor of Literature1916
KENNEDY, DonaldDoctor of Laws1984
KENNY, ElizabethDoctor of Science1943
KENNY, Shirley StrumDoctor of Humane Letters1988
KERR, ClarkDoctor of Humane Letters1967
KEYS, J.J.Master of Arts1870
KIMBALL, Dexter SimpsonDoctor of Laws1926
KING, John A.Doctor of Laws1857
KING, RufusDoctor of Laws1876
KINGSLAKE, RudolfDoctor of Science1986
KIRKPATRICK, Jean J.Doctor of Laws1997
KIRKPATRICK, RalphDoctor of Music1973
KIRSCHSTEIN, RuthDoctor of Science1998
KISTIANKOWSKY, George BogdanDoctor of Science1960
KNIGHT, Frank HynemanDoctor of Laws1963
KNUTH, Donald ErvinDoctor of Science1986
KORNBERG, ArthurDoctor of Science1962
KOUSSEVITSKY, SergeDoctor of Music1940
KRAUSE, Richard M.Doctor of Science1979
KREPS, JuanitaDoctor of Laws1984
KREYER, Carl TrugottDoctor of Laws1908
KREYER, Karl T.Doctor of Philosophy1876
KRISTELLER, Paul OskarDoctor of Humane Letters1977
KUDLOW, Lawrence ('69)Doctor of Laws2013
LAMONT, Thomas WilliamDoctor of Laws1929
LANEY, Calvin CookeMaster of Arts1928
LAST, Jay T.Doctor of Science2011
LATHROP, EdwardDoctor of Divinity1854
LAVERY, Charles JosephDoctor of Laws1979
LAWRENCE, JacobDoctor of Humane Letters1992
LEE, Henry W.Doctor of Divinity1851
LEGHARI, Farooq Ahmad KhanDoctor of Laws1994
LELAND, Waldo GiffordDoctor of Humane Letters1939
LEVI, Edward HirshDoctor of Laws1969
LEVIN, Robert D.Doctor of Music1996
LEWIS, William MatherDoctor of Laws1935
LEWIS, Wilmarth SheldonDoctor of Letters1946
LIEBERSON, GoddardDoctor of Humane Letters1974
LIGHTFOOT, Sara LawrenceDoctor of Science1985
LINCOLN, HemanDoctor of Divinity1865
LINDBERGH, Anne MorrowDoctor of Letters1939
LINOWITZ, Sol M.Doctor of Laws1991
LIPPMAN, WalterDoctor of Laws1936
LONGCOPE, Warfield TheobaldDoctor of Science1941
LOOMIS, Justin R.Doctor of Laws1858
LOPIANO, DonnaDoctor of Humane Letters2005
LOWRY, DouglasDoctor of Music2013
LUCHERINI, LuigiDoctor of Laws2005
LUDLAM, George P.Master of Arts1914
LYDENBERG, Harry MillerDoctor of Letters1942
LYMAN, Richard WallDoctor of Humane Letters1975
MAAS, ArieDoctor of Laws1988
MAASS, OttoDoctor of Science1947
MacGREGOR, IanDoctor of Laws1983
MacKENZIE, Norman A.M.Doctor of Laws1956
MacMILLIAN, ErnestDoctor of Music1956
MACOMBER, Francis A.Doctor of Laws1887
MACOMBER, John D.Doctor of Laws1990
MacQUEEN, Donald BruceDoctor of Divinity1928
MADDY, Joseph EdgarDoctor of Music1959
MAGOON, E.L.Doctor of Divinity1853
MALONE, DamasDoctor of Letters1936
MALONEY, James Jr.Doctor of Science1983
MANCHESTER, HerbertDoctor of Divinity1911
MANGIONE, Charles FrankDoctor of Music1985
MANN, Alexander M.Doctor of Divinity1856
MANNING, M. ClaudiusMaster of Arts1860
MARQUARND, John PhilipsDoctor of Letters1945
MARRACK, PhilippaDoctor of Science1991
MARSHAL, Benjamin D.Doctor of Divinity1871
MARTIN, Edward SanfordDoctor of Literature1917
MARTIN, Joseph B.Doctor of Science1996
MASON, Daniel GregoryDoctor of Music1932
MASON, J.O.Master of Arts1853
MASON, J.O.Doctor of Divinity1860
MASON, John H.Doctor of Divinity1903
MASSOLENI, EttoreDoctor of Music1949
MASTERS, William HowellDoctor of Science1987
MATHEWS, ShailerDoctor of Laws1926
MATTHEWS, Christopher John (“Chris”)Doctor of Letters2014
McCALL, Samuel WalkerDoctor of Laws1919
McCLINTOCK, BarbaraDoctor of Science1947
McCOY, AmassaMaster of Arts1855
McGUIRE, JohnDoctor of Divinity1911
McILWAINE, J.H.Doctor of Divinity1854
McKEON, Richard PeterDoctor of Humane Letters1984
McKUSICK, Victor AlmonDoctor of Science1979
McLEAN, Charles D.Master of Arts1868
McPARTLAND, MarianDoctor of Music2007
McPHERSON, Mary PattersonDoctor of Laws1984
McVICKER, MalcomDoctor of Laws1870
MEES, Charles Edward KennethDoctor of Science1921
MEIR, GoldaDoctor of Laws1974
MEITNER, LiseDoctor of Science1946
MERRILL, George EdmandsDoctor of Laws1901
MEYER, Agnes ErnstDoctor of Humane Letters1954
MEYER, Barry M.Doctor of Laws2014
MILLER, Arthur R.Doctor of Laws2008
MILLER, Merton H.Doctor of Laws1994
MILLIKAN, Robert AndrewsDoctor of Science1934
MILNE, William JamesDoctor of Philosophy1879
MILNE, William JamesDoctor of Laws1911
MINER, Edward G.Doctor of Laws1945
MITCHELL, John PurroyDoctor of Laws1917
MOEHLMAN, Conrad HenryDoctor of Divinity1929
MOORE, Daniel Jr.Doctor of Divinity1865
MOORE, Douglas StuartDoctor of Music1947
MOORE, E. MottDoctor of Laws1870
MOORE, Earl VincentDoctor of Music1929
MOORE, Marianne CraigDoctor of Letters1951
MOREHOUSE, Henry L.Doctor of Laws1908
MOREHOUSE, OliverMaster of Arts1854
MOREY, William CareyDoctor of Civil Laws1908
MORGAN, John RhysDoctor of Divinity1878
MORISON, Robert S.Doctor of Science1973
MORRIS, Herbert W.Doctor of Divinity1876
MORROW, Dwight WhitneyDoctor of Laws1920
MORSEHOUSE, Henry L.Doctor of Divinity1879
MOSS, LemuelDoctor of Divinity1868
MOSS, LemuelDoctor of Laws1883
MOYNIHAN, Daniel PatrickDoctor of Laws1994
MULCAHY, AnneDoctor of Laws2008
MUNDY, Ezekiel WilsonDoctor of Literature1910
MUNRO, Annette GardnerMaster of Arts1910
MUNRO, Annette GardnerDoctor of Literature1930
MURDOCK, J.N.Doctor of Divinity1854
MURROW, Edward R.Doctor of Laws1960
MYERS, JohnstonDoctor of Divinity1923
NAUTA, Walle J.H.Doctor of Science1975
NEEDHAM, Charles W.Doctor of Laws1901
NEEL, James V.Doctor of Science1974
NEUSNER, JacobDoctor of Humane Letters1988
NEVINS, AllanDoctor of Laws1955
NEWMAN, John P.Doctor of Divinity1863
NEWTON, IsaacDoctor of Philosophy1883
NICHOLS, Henry L.Master of Arts1857
NICHOLS, MikeDoctor of Humane Letters1972
NISHIMOTO, KanichiDoctor of Laws1991
NOLAN, ThomasMaster of Arts1911
NORDELL, PhilipDoctor of Divinity1886
NORMAN, JessyeDoctor of Music2013
NORRIS, J. CarterMaster of Arts1892
NORTH_UP, George W.Doctor of Divinity1866
NORTON, Asabel WellingtonDoctor of Laws1900
NOVELLO, Antonia CoelloDoctor of Science2001
NOYES, William Albert Jr.Doctor of Science1965
OHGA, NorioDoctor of Music1996
OLDEN, KennethDoctor of Science2003
OLDS, George DanielDoctor of Laws1907
OLMSTEAD, J.M.Doctor of Divinity1863
ORCUTT, Enid Knapp BotsfordDoctor of Fine Arts1982
OSPEL, MarcelDoctor of Laws2005
OTIS, Elwell StephenDoctor of Laws1900
OTTO, BenjaminDoctor of Divinity1922
OVERHISER, John C.Doctor of Philosophy1879
PADGET, John R.Doctor of Laws1996
PALEY, Albert RaymondDoctor of Fine Arts1989
PALMER, Francis BollesDoctor of Philosophy1879
PARK, Edwards AlbertDoctor of Science1936
PARKER, Arthur CaswellMaster of Science1922
PARMELEE, D.S.Master of Arts1853
PATTERSON, Robert PorterDoctor of Laws1941
PATTISON, HaroldDoctor of Divinity1912
PAYNE, Sereno E.Doctor of Laws1903
PEABODY, Andrew P.Doctor of Laws1863
PEARSON, Lester BowlesDoctor of Laws1947
PECK, HenryMaster of Arts1851
PECK, William A.Doctor of Science2000
PEI, Ieoh MingDoctor of Fine Arts1982
PELL, ClaiborneDoctor of Laws1980
PENDERECKI, KrsysztofDoctor of Music1972
PEPPER, George WhartonDoctor of Laws1922
PEREZ, AntonioDoctor of Laws2009
PERKINS, DexterDoctor of Laws1956
PERKINS, James AlfredDoctor of Laws1965
PERKINS, James BreckDoctor of Laws1897
PERLMAN, ItzhakDoctor of Music2014
PETERS, Ellen AshDoctor of Laws1994
PETERSON, Peter G.Doctor of Laws1994
PEYRE, Henri MauriceDoctor of Humane Letters1966
PIMENTEL, George ClaudeDoctor of Science1988
PLATT, Charles AdamsDoctor of Laws1933
PLIMPTON, George ArthurDoctor of Laws1912
PORTER, QuincyDoctor of Music1944
POWELL, Gen. Colin L.Doctor of Laws2007
POWELL, Lyman PiersonDoctor of Laws1914
POWER, Mrs. Helen BlackburnDoctor of Humane Letters1971
PRENTIS, Henning Webb Jr.Doctor of Laws1946
PREVIN, AndréDoctor of Music2014
PRINCE, HaroldDoctor of Fine Arts1997
PRITZKER, Jay A.Doctor of Laws1992
PROCOPE, HjalmarDoctor of Laws1940
PRUYN, John V.L.Doctor of Laws1852
PUPIN, Michael IdvorskyDoctor of Laws1928
QUINBY, I.F.Master of Arts1852
RACKER, EfraimDoctor of Science1979
RACKER, EfraimDoctor of Science1979
RAUSCHENBUSCH, WalterDoctor of Divinity1902
RASHID, Richard ’77 (MA), ’80 (PhD)Doctor of Science2015
RAYMOND, John H.Doctor of Laws1855
RAYTON, Wilbur BrambleyDoctor of Science1933
REES, Mina SpiegelDoctor of Science1971
REESE, Morgan J.Doctor of Divinity1852
REMINGTON, John WarnerDoctor of Laws1960
RICHTER, Gisela M.A.Doctor of Fine Arts1940
RICKEY, BranchDoctor of Laws1946
RIDDELL, William RenwickDoctor of Laws1917
RIDER, Charles E.Master of Arts1866
RIPLEY, William ZebinaDoctor of Laws1931
RISING, FrancisMaster of Arts1870
RIVERS, Thomas MiltonDoctor of Science1938
ROACH, Maxwell LemuelDoctor of Music1990
ROBERTS, William HenryDoctor of Divinity1910
ROBINS, Henry BurkeDoctor of Divinity1932
ROBINS, Henry E.Doctor of Divinity1868
ROBINSON, Charles MulfordMaster of Arts1905
ROBINSON, David HamiltonDoctor of Philosophy1887
ROCKEFELLER, John A.Master of Arts1895
ROGERS, ThomasDoctor of Divinity1881
ROLAND-RICCI, VittorioDoctor of Laws1921
ROMULO, Carlos PenaDoctor of Laws1950
ROOT, OrrinDoctor of Laws1865
ROSTEN, Leo C.Doctor of Humane Letters1973
ROTHSTEIN, AserDoctor of Science1983
ROWE, John WallisDoctor of Science2002
ROWLEY, Frank H.Doctor of Divinity1897
RUDOLPH, FredrickDoctor of Humane Letters1994
RUSSELL, Fredrick FullerDoctor of Science1942
SACHER, PaulDoctor of Humane Letters1990
SAGE, A. JudsonDoctor of Divinity1872
SAMUELSON, Paul AnthonyDoctor of Science1976
SANDBERG, Avery A.Doctor of Science1990
SANDERS, Henry M.Doctor of Divinity1891
SASSON, StevenDoctor of Science2009
SATCHER, DavidDoctor of Science1995
SATTERLEE, LeRoyMaster of Arts1865
SAUNDERS, Wilbour EddyDoctor of Humane Letters1951
SAVAGE, Leonard J.Doctor of Science1963
SAYRE, Francis BowesDoctor of Laws1949
SCHERAGA, HaroldDoctor of Science1988
SCHLESINGER, Aurthur MeierDoctor of Laws1948
SCHMITT, Kilian JosephDoctor of Laws1986
SCHUMAN, WilliamDoctor of Music1972
SCOTT, John HartDoctor of Divinity1905
SCOTT, William AmasaDoctor of Laws1911
SEABURY, SamuelDoctor of Laws1933
SEAMAN, ChristopherDoctor of Music2009
SEARING, Richard AddisonMaster of Arts1915
SEITZ, FrederickDoctor of Science1984
SELDEN, Samuel L.Doctor of Laws1856
SEN, AmartyaDoctor of Humane Letters2007
SERKIN, RudolphDoctor of Music1972
SEXTON, JohnDoctor of Laws2005
SEYMOUR, E.C.Master of Arts1856
SHAD, John S.R.Doctor of Laws1987
SHAFFER, Philip AndersonDoctor of Science1939
SHAKOW, DavidDoctor of Science1971
SHANKER, AlbertDoctor of Laws1985
SHAW, James B.Doctor of Divinity1852
SHAW, Robert LawsonDoctor of Humane Letters1991
SHELDON, RufusMaster of Arts1864
SHERMAN, I.Doctor of Laws1880
SHERRILL, Henry KnoxDoctor of Divinity1951
SHULTZ, GeorgeDoctor of Science1973
SIEBERT, MurielDoctor of Laws2004
SIEDMAN, L. WilliamDoctor of Laws1989
SILL, John W.Master of Arts1861
SIMMONS, RuthDoctor of Humane Letters2012
SIMON, J. PeterDoctor of Laws2008
SIMON, William E.Doctor of Laws1985
SIMPSON, AlanDoctor of Humane Letters1964
SINCLAIR, AdelaideDoctor of Humane Letters1956
SINGER, PaulDoctor of Science2017
SKINNER, Cornelia OtisDoctor of Humane Letters1942
SKINNER, David B.Doctor of Science1980
SLATER, John ClarkeDoctor of Science1964
SLATER, John RothwellDoctor of Literature1964
SLATKIN, LeonardDoctor of Music1994
SLICHTER, Sumner HuberDoctor of Laws1949
SLOCUM, Arthur GaylordDoctor of Laws1892
SLONIMSKY, NicholasDoctor of Music1989
SMITH, Charles E.Doctor of Divinity1891
SMITH, David H.Doctor of Science1992
SMITH, Dorothy M.Doctor of Science1972
SMITH, E. DarwinDoctor of Laws1868
SMITH, George WilliamDoctor of Laws1896
SMITH, Justin A.Doctor of Arts1854
SMITH, StephenDoctor of Laws1891
SMITH, Walter BedellDoctor of Laws1950
SOLOW, Robert sDoctor of Laws2007
SOLTI, Sir GeorgDoctor of Music1987
SOWERBY, LeoDoctor of Music1934
SPEICHER, JacobDoctor of Divinity1930
SPENCER, Ray ThomasMaster of Arts1867
SPERRY, Warren MyronDoctor of Science1965
SPINNING, James MartinDoctor of Laws1965
SPIVACKE, HaroldDoctor of Music1955
SPRINKEL, Beryl WayneDoctor of Laws1986
STAHL, Franklin WilliamDoctor of Science1982
STARGELL, WillieDoctor of Laws1983
STEINHAUSEN, Meta BehnDoctor of Humane Letters1946
STEITZ, Joan ArgetsingerDoctor of Science1984
STEPHENS, John Boak MillsDoctor of Laws1924
STERN, IsaacDoctor of Music1972
STERRETT, James McBrideDoctor of Divinity1886
STEVENS, George BarkerDoctor of Laws1902
STEVENS, James StaceyDoctor of Laws1907
STEVENS, JohnDoctor of Divinity1873
STEVENS, William A.Doctor of Laws1882
STEWART, Harold StanleyDoctor of Divinity1932
STEWART, Joseph A.Doctor of Divinity1893
STIGLER, George J.Doctor of Science1974
STOCK, Frederick AugustDoctor of Music1941
STORK, Gilbert JosseDoctor of Science1982
STRATAS, TheresaDoctor of Music1998
STRAVINSKY, IgorDoctor of Humane Letters1966
STRAYER, Paul MooreDoctor of Divinity1915
STROMGREN, ErikDoctor of Science1976
STRONG, Augustus HopkinsDoctor of Literature1912
STRONG, Charles AugustusDoctor of Laws1919
STRONG, HenryDoctor of Laws1904
STRONG, John HenryDoctor of Divinity1914
STRUNK, OliverDoctor of Letters1936
SUTHERLAND, Ward T.Doctor of Divinity1896
SUZUKI, ShinichiDoctor of Music1972
SWARTTOUW, FransDoctor of Laws1990
SWASEY, AmbroseDoctor of Laws1925
SWETLAND, Roger M.Doctor of Laws1916
SWETLAND, Roger W.Master of Arts1908
SWIFT, LewisDoctor of Philosophy1879
TAFT, Charles Phelps IIDoctor of Laws1937
TALBIRD, Henry J.Master of Arts1852
TARDIEU, AndreDoctor of Laws1917
TAYLOR, DeemsDoctor of Music1939
TAYLOR, E.E.L.Doctor of Divinity1855
TAYLOR, James M.Doctor of Divinity1886
TAYLOR, William R.Doctor of Divinity1891
TEALL, Francis AugustusMaster of Arts1875
TEER, Barbara AnnDoctor of Laws1994
TEMPLETON, John MarksDoctor of Laws1992
TENNEY, Stephen MarshDoctor of Science1984
TENNY, Charles BuckleyDoctor of Divinity1917
THALER, RichardDoctor of Science2010
THANHYA, TheodoreDoctor of Divinity1918
THIER, Samuel O.Doctor of Science2000
THOMAS, LewisDoctor of Science1974
THOMPSON, RandallDoctor of Music1933
TINKER, Chauncey BrewsterDoctor of Letters1937
TOWNSEND, John P.Doctor of Laws1895
TRES_TRAIL, FredericDoctor of Divinity1880
TREVOR, John BondDoctor of Laws1932
TROWBRIDGE, William P.Master of Arts1856
TRUE, Benjamin O.Doctor of Divinity1888
TULLY, Alice BigelowDoctor of Humane Letters1991
TURRIN, JosephMaster of Humane Letters2006
TUTU, Desmond MpiloDoctor of Divinity1985
UNDERHILL, Edward B.Doctor of Laws1863
VALENTINE, AlanDoctor of Humane Letters1966
VAN BENSCHOTEN, James C.Doctor of Laws1875
VAN BENSCHOTEN, SanfordMaster of Arts1862
VAN VOORHIS, JohnDoctor of Laws1958
VanSCHAICK, George S.Doctor of Laws1938
VARMUS, HaroldDoctor of Science2004
VEDDER, Henry C.Doctor of Divinity1897
VILLERS, Thomas J.Doctor of Divinity1903
VOEGTLIN, CarlDoctor of Science1947
VOLKER, Joseph F.Doctor of Science1975
vonDOHNANYI, ChristophDoctor of Music1998
WADSWORTH, EliotDoctor of Laws1921
WADSWORTH, James WolcottDoctor of Laws1942
WAGNER, Gerrit AbramDoctor of Laws1987
WALKER, GeorgeDoctor of Music2012
WALLIS, Wilson AllenDoctor of Laws1984
WARD, Henry A.Doctor of Laws1896
WARFIELD, WilliamDoctor of Music1988
WARING, FredDoctor of Music1951
WARREN, Jonah G.Doctor of Divinity1856
WARREN, Stafford L.Doctor of Science1956
WATSON, James SibleyDoctor of Science1972
WAYLAND, FrancisDoctor of Laws1879
WEAVER, WarrenDoctor of Humane Letters1963
WEBSTER, Harrison E.Doctor of Laws1888
WEED, Lewis HillDoctor of Science1929
WEGMAN, Robert B.Doctor of Laws2005
WEINBERG, Alvin M.Doctor of Science1973
WEINBERG, StephenDoctor of Science1979
WEISKOTTEN, Herman GatesDoctor of Science1954
WEISSKOPH, VictorDoctor of Science1974
WELLES, Francis RaymondDoctor of Laws1910
WELLES, HenryDoctor of Laws1861
WESTCOTT, IsaacDoctor of Divinity1864
WESTERVELT, Zenas F.Doctor of Laws1895
WESTON, DavidDoctor of Divinity1873
WESTON, Henry G.Doctor of Divinity1859
WHEDON, G. DonaldDoctor of Science1978
WHIPPLE, George HoytDoctor of Laws1950
WHITE, DavidDoctor of Science1923
WHITEHORN, John Clare M.D.Doctor of Science1971
WHITNEY, Willis RodneyDoctor of Science1932
WHITTON, CharlotteDoctor of Laws1952
WILBOR, William C.Doctor of Divinity1900
WILBUR, LymanDoctor of Laws1930
WILBUR, Richard PurdyDoctor of Humane Letters1976
WILCOX, Albert HenryDoctor of Humane Letters1932
WILCOX, William CraigDoctor of Laws1913
WILDER, AlecDoctor of Humane Letters1973
WILDKINSON, Willam C.Doctor of Divinity1873
WILEY, LouisMaster of Arts1916
WILLARD, DanielDoctor of Laws1932
WILLCOX, William RussellMaster of Arts1904
WILLIAMS, John A.Doctor of Humane Letters2003
WILLIAMS, John T.Doctor of Music2001
WILLIAMS, TalcottDoctor of Literature1903
WILLIAMSON, JamesDoctor of Science1989
WILLIS, Frances ElizabethDoctor of Humane Letters1960
WILSON, Lewis AlbertDoctor of Laws1952
WOELFKIN, CorneliusDoctor of Divinity1906
WOLFERS, ArnoldDoctor of Laws1945
WOOD, GeorgeMaster of Arts1852
WOODWARD, Roland BeavenDoctor of Laws1932
WRIGHT, E.S.Doctor of Divinity1860
WRIGHT, SewallDoctor of Science1942
YOUNG, Whitney Moore Jr.Doctor of Laws1966
ZAFFARONI, AlejandroDoctor of Science1972
ZEKELMAN, AlanDoctor of Laws2016
ZHANG, JieDoctor of Science2013
ZINMAN, David JoelDoctor of Music1996
ZUBIN, Joseph L.Doctor of Science1976