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Office of the University Registrar


Summer Grading Deadlines

  • June 19th - Summer Session A1
  • July 3rd - Summer Session A2
  • July 31st - Summer Session B1
  • August 14th - Summer Session B2

More Information about Grading:

Confidentiality of Graded Material

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA, gives students a right of privacy regarding grades in courses and on individual assignments. It has been determined with the University's counsel that privacy issues arise when tests or papers are returned in class or put in boxes outside office doors. Listed below are permissible ways to return graded material.

  1. Return the graded material in envelopes, with only the student's name visible. (Note that it is not acceptable to permit students to look through a pile of exams or papers, even if the grades are not on the cover page.)
  2. Return the graded material in discussion sections or labs, where instructors can hand it directly to students.
  3. Have TAs return graded material directly to smaller groups of students during or after lecture.
  4. Have students pick up graded material at a departmental office.
  5. Seal the blue book or paper with envelope seals. No grades or comments should be visible until the seal is broken.