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General Information

ResLife Services


River Campus students can place maintenance requests by contacting the Customer Service Center at (585) 273-4567. Alternatively, students can use the Online Work Request System.

Please have your building, room number, and a detailed account of your request available for the operator (e.g., Hi, I live in Anderson Tower, room 312, and I'd like to place a work order because my overhead light isn't working).

Computer (ResNet) Services

All students are provided a high-speed computer access port to the University systems and the internet in their rooms. ResNet provides remote and in-room support services for this access.

Television (UR CTV)

The University of Rochester Cable Television (UR CTV) Network is the cable television service for the University of Rochester. The service features an expanded channel lineup of local and cable programming including channels from DirecTV, several foreign language channels, and MAX Go.

Streaming TV (Stream2)

The Stream2 service is now available on all University of Rochester networks! Stream2 allows you watch live TV and sports from your computer, tablet, phone, AppleTV, Roku and Amazon Firestick. This service allows you access to your favorite shows from anywhere on campus.

Phone (ResNet) Services

Residence hall students should contact ResNet to request in-room telephone and voicemail. In-room phone service includes telephone and voicemail, five-digit on-campus dialing, free local calls, 800-number calls, and 24-hour help and information.


Students bring their own linens, including sheets (extra-long twin size), pillowcases, bath towels, washcloths, pillows, and blankets. Standard beds measure 36” x 80”.

Study Lamps

You should bring a personal study lamp that suits your individual needs. Please note, no upward-facing bowl lamps are allowed by New York State fire code. See the Fire and Life Safety Guidelines/Checklist for more information.


During the fall and spring semesters, laundry is included in the student housing fee. During the summer school sessions, students need to pay for laundry facilities.

Summer 2018 washing load and drying is free. Washers and dryers are available in each area. Students should either bring their student ID or request a student ID from the ID office to operate the machines.


Your campus mailbox (called a CMC) will be assigned and the number mailed to you by the Post Office at Todd Union. Your CMC remains the same for your whole time at the University. Any letter or package sent through US mail should be addressed to your CMC box number, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York 14627 + last four digits of your CMC box number. Example:

Student Name
University of Rochester
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, New York 14627

Note: US mail addressed to your residence hall will not be delivered.

Luggage and Freight

Address UPS packages, air freight trunks, and all other non-US mail in care of your CMC box number, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York 14627 + last four digits of your CMC box number. Packages can be picked up at the Campus Post Office Unit package room. Shipped materials addressed to your residence hall will not be delivered. If you are shipping your belongings for the start of the school year, please note that the Campus Post Office will not accept them before August 15.


Storage in your room is extremely limited and is not available elsewhere in the halls. We encourage you to store electronic equipment and other valuables in secure areas during school recesses.

Service Desks

A central service (resource) desk is located in each of the residence areas. Emergency (short-term) loaner keys, games, tools, and other supplies are available. Consult your area service desk for hours and specific services available.


New York State fire codes severely restrict cooking in student rooms. Students may currently bring small refrigerators and microwaves, but little else. Check the New York State fire code for prohibited appliances, and if you have questions, check with your area office about other appliances before you bring them to school.

All freshman residence halls have some type of public area (building or floor) kitchens for light cooking.

Dining Plans

All students, whether resident or commuter, must be on a University dining plan. Dining plan options are determined by the availability of sufficient kitchen facilities in residence halls. Please review Dining Service's website for the most up-to-date information.