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Upperclassmen Housing

Summer Housing and Dining


In order to participate in Summer Housing 2020, you need to print out and submit the application below.  The contract below lists all of the terms of your summer 2020 housing and dining application.  By submitting an application, you agree that you have read the contract conditions and will abide by those conditions, and any other rules and regulations of the University of Rochester.  If you are under 18 years of age, this document must be cosigned by your parent or guardian, guaranteeing payment of all amounts due under this contract.

If you have questions about summer housing, please email

Housing and Dining Application

If you have been approved to remain on-campus for the Spring 2020 semester you may complete the application below.

If you submitted a request to stay in on-campus housing for the Spring 2020 semester and it was denied you are not eligible for summer housing.

Students living off-campus whose circumstances have changed and now require on-campus housing for the summer must appeal by submitting a detailed request to  Only students with travel restrictions or extreme extenuating circumstances will be considered.

Summer Housing and Dining Application/Summer Housing and Dining Contract-Summer 2020 

Either print and send to: Office for Residential Life and Housing Services, 020 Gates Wing or attach a copy and email to Fax#: 585-276-1886.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to security settings on certain browsers, such as Firefox, you may need to download this PDF, open it and complete the fields.  To download, right-click on the link and choose Save or Download.

Summer Housing and Dining Rates

2020 Summer Housing and Dining Pricing (PDF)

Covid 19 Emergency Summer Support Program

Summer housing and dining rates will be supported on a sliding scale based on your 2019-2020 Financial Aid status.  If you currently receive federal and/or institutional aid, summer aid will be applied in the amount of 30%, 60% or 95% of the charges based on your current level of aid.  For example, students with no family contribution that received all room, board and tuition expenses in institutional aid during the 2019-2020 academic year will be charged 5% of the summer housing and dining rate applicable to their stay.

Please contact your financial aid counselor to determine your level of aid.