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Vera Micheles Dean portrait
Rochester Women is a Newscenter series designed to share the stories of women in the University’s history whose contributions deserve wider recognition than they may have historically received. Learn more about Vera Micheles Dean.
Richard Feldman
One year after the release of the White report, President Richard Feldman updates the University community on efforts to ensure a campus climate built on respect and inclusion. “To succeed in implementing sustainable change, the University must continue to work to identify and address challenges within the organization related to diversity, equity, and inclusion,” Feldman writes in an executive summary.
University seal and logo on a flag pole
The University has released its 2018 reports on Diversity and Inclusion, Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response, and College Bias-Related Incidents to provide more transparency about issues of diversity, discrimination, and sexual misconduct.
I am writing to respond to the thoughtful and informative Preliminary Report of the Commission on Women and Gender Equity in Academia released in May, 2018. The Commission’s report, along with follow-up discussions with members of the Commission, with the University Diversity and Equity Council (UDEC), and with the President’s Cabinet demonstrate the deep level of shared commitment on our campus to identifying and addressing issues of inequity; to improving our programs, services, and outcomes; and to creating and sustaining a welcoming and supportive community for all. I’m deeply grateful for the Commission’s efforts to date and look forward to continuing to work together to achieve these goals. As the report makes clear, these are necessarily ongoing efforts that require all of us to work intentionally and diligently toward the realization of our goals.

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