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Handbook for Underrepresented Ethnicities (HUE)

About the Handbook

The Handbook for Underrepresented Ethnicities (HUE) is a resource to improve the experiences of individuals from historically underrepresented ethnicities (Black, African American, Latinx, Hispanic and Native American) while attending the University of Rochester. Here, you will find culturally relevant resources to offer you a welcoming and affirming environment. In addition, we hope this guide connects you to new opportunities, supports, and cultures.

The handbook contains information on academic, entertainment, health/wellness, faith-based, and social organizations, among others. It also details University of Rochester student organizations, departments, and services whose name and/or mission statement are explicitly inclusive of individuals from historically underrepresented ethnicities (Black, African American, Latinx, Hispanic and Native American) and related off campus resources. Making our community ever better is the ultimate goal.


FYI- The handbook is currently being updated, after which the second edition will be uploaded on this webpage. Please check back.


The University of Rochester– An Inclusive Community

The University of Rochester envisions itself as a community that welcomes, encourages, and supports individuals who desire to contribute to and benefit from the institution’s missions of teaching, research, patient care, performance, and community service. In a pluralistic culture, that community includes faculty, students, and staff who represent important differences. Members of the University’s community come from different geographical areas, represent differences in ethnicities, religious beliefs, values, socioeconomic backgrounds, and points of view; they may be physically different, have different intellectual interests, or have different abilities. The University not only welcomes such differences in the members of its community but, in fulfilling its own missions and in preparing the leaders of tomorrow’s world who will necessarily be operating in an equally wide-ranging environment, it actively seeks to recruit and include diverse personnel in all aspects of the institution’s operations.


About the Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Center

The Susan B. Anthony Center works to bring awareness to and advocate for social justice and equality. We work in collaboration with the University community and partner with a wide range of local, national, and organizations to fulfill our goal of translating research into policy. This handbook is the second in a series created and designed by the SBA Center to address additional resources for underrepresented populations in our University of Rochester community. The first of the series is the Trans At Rochester Handbook: A Handbook for Transgender Students Navigating Social, Administrative, and Medical Gender Transition at the University of Rochester.