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University Strategic Plan

In March 2017, President Seligman convened members of the Board of Trustees to meet with faculty, student, and administrative leaders, including all school deans and one of the Faculty Senate cochairs, and other friends of the University at a retreat in Naples, Florida, to kick off the next phase of strategic planning for the University. In April 2017, President Seligman’s report to the Faculty Senate and University community set the context for this strategic planning effort and challenges we should address in the future. The discussions at these meetings have shaped the goals and phases for the next strategic plan.

Goals and Phases

The University of Rochester seeks to Lead through Research, Innovate in Education, Build and Embrace Community, and Transform Health Care, while achieving Financial Sustainability. These goals are the core of the strategic plan that will have two phases. Phase I, through 2021, builds on ongoing initiatives developed under the “Next Level” strategic plan that was put in place in 2015 to extend beyond the 2013-2018 “Aiming Higher” strategic plan. Phase II will frame a longer-term vision for the University through 2025.

Community Engagement

A vital part of strategic planning is the process of engaging the community. Engagement leads to a living document that represents our collective aspirations and rallies us as a community to achieve the goals that we set. This strategic planning process will engage all segments of the University community through working groups, open forums, and online input. The working groups are focusing on the following areas:

Core Goal Working Groups

Enabler Working Groups

Open Forums and Online Input

Working groups focusing on the core goals of the strategic plan have hosted open forums and the online comment period is now concluded. Thanks to all from the University community who submitted their suggestions and input on the strategic planning process.

This will continue to be an interactive process, inclusive of the Board and other members of the University community. The ultimate goal is to develop a plan that all members of the University community can embrace and that will inspire us to make our University ever better in the true spirit of Meliora