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Share Your Feedback on Strategic Planning

This plan recognizes the shared value of our interdisciplinary approach to harness the strengths of our schools and units in ways that create opportunities and help us address our most pressing challenges.

As you think about the five areas of impact, consider the question, what are we in higher education and health care being called to do?

How to use this form

  • Step One: Use the checkboxes to identify your affiliation with the University. Check all that apply.
  • Step Two: Review each of the five impact area descriptions and questions. Add your response and feedback in the field below each question.

  • 1. Leading through Research and Scholarship

    Led by Stephen Dewhurst

    Enhancing the University’s national and international reputation as a preeminent R1 institution through groundbreaking research, robust scholarship, and expert knowledge creation.
  • 2. Reimagining Education

    Led by Sarah Peyre

    A tireless exploration of practice-based innovation that enhances effective pedagogy, challenges systemic barriers, and invigorates learning throughout the community.
  • 3. Building Healthier Lives

    Led by Michael Rotondo

    A multidisciplinary focus on health and wellness that marshals the University’s knowledge and expertise to improve lives around the world and here at home.
  • 4. Connecting with the Community

    Led by Clayton Jones, Joan Saab, Jane Gatewood

    Pursuing the University of Rochester mission through productive collaborations and partnerships with local, national, and international partners, agencies, and organizations.
  • 5. Cultivating an Inclusive Climate

    Led by Kathleen Gallucci

    Building strategic partnerships, offering programming, and defining measurable outcomes that foster an equitable, respectful, and welcoming culture at the University of Rochester.

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