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Data Science

The Goergen Institute for Data Science has made great progress in growing research and education in data science at the University of Rochester since its founding three years ago. We now have popular undergraduate and MS degree programs, many new interdisciplinary research collaborations created through workshops and seed funding, new federal and state awards, new faculty who bridge departments, and Wegmans Hall. Our 2018-2025 strategic plan includes expanding our ongoing thrusts in predictive health care and linking human and machine intelligence, as well as new focus areas.

Predictive Health Care

The University of Rochester can become a world leader in using machine learning and our clinical data resources to assist medical providers by predicting patient outcomes for a wide variety of diseases and treatments. Physicians can use this information to make better decisions about treatment and care, thereby improving patient outcomes, preventing hospital readmissions, and dramatically reducing health care costs. URMC has already deployed its first predictive tools for orthopedic surgery.

Convergent Research in Human and Machine Intelligence

The University of Rochester is a leader in research on human intelligence, through work in Brain and Cognitive Science and Neuromedicine, and research in artificial intelligence, through work in Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering. We have a great opportunity to become a world leader in research that deeply combines understanding human intelligence and machine intelligence.

In addition to helping answer fundamental questions about how intelligence can arise from the computations of real or artificial neurons, this line of work helps us create systems in which humans and computers team up to expand human potential.

Other Potential Data Science Thrusts

We are soliciting input to develop one or more new thrusts in data science. Data science has connections to almost every field of study, including the humanities; life, physical, and social sciences; business; and health care. We welcome your ideas!


Henry Kautz, Chair (AS&E)
Walt Johnson (Goergen IDS)
Rob Clark (Office of the Provost)
Steve Dewhurst (SMD)
Gloria Culver (AS&E)
Wendi Heinzelman (AS&E)
Paul Ellickson (Simon)
David Williams (AS&E)
Lauren Di Monte (Libraries)
Brendan Mort (CIRC)
Tom Howard (AS&E)
Greg Heyworth (AS&E)
Rob Strawderman (SMD)

Liaisons to the Working Group

Advancement: Steve Dare, Senior Associate Vice President of University Advancement
Communications: Scott Hauser, Associate Vice President for Content
Financial Sustainability: Tim Woodward, Director of Finance and Administration, Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences