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Innovate in Education

The University has long been an innovator in undergraduate, graduate, and professional school education. The Rochester Experience extends education beyond the traditional classroom, committing to every learner the resources and environment to design, plan, and implement their own academic and future life experiences. The Rochester Experience 2025 will serve as a learning community uniquely designed to prepare students to engage the world as citizens and leaders.

Proposed Strategic Aims for Innovate in Education/Rochester Experience 2025

  • Implications of Learning in the Digital Age
    • Leverage appropriate digital technologies to enhance traditional classroom experiences
    • Meet increasing demand for online offerings
    • Implement the best use of available digital resources
    • Leverage technology to improve student services
  • Experiential and Community-Engaged Learning
    • Enhance education through participatory learning
    • Create opportunities to acquire life skills outside the classroom
    • Prepare all students to understand the process of discovery and to contribute through research
  • Career Development and Professional Readiness
    • Need for ongoing (and timely) program innovation to match changes in the workplace
    • Prepare our students to be lifelong learners
    • Develop transferable 21st-century skills
    • Cultivate and develop of new opportunities to support our students and alumni
  • Developing and supporting a Diverse Student Body and Campus Community
    • Provide the necessary individual support for student success
    • Make curriculum changes to best meet diverse intellectual interests and needs
    • Pursue new international collaborations and experiences
    • Recruit and retain a diverse faculty
    • Strengthen linkages among schools, programs, and communities
  • Excellence in Educational Delivery and Learning Environments
    • Invest in modernization and capital improvement of facilities and infrastructure
    • Continue expansion of the acquisition of resources
    • Bolster and support faculty development



Sarah Peyre, Chair (URMC)
Rick Waugh (AS&E)
Jeff Runner (AS&E)
Raffaella Borasi (Warner)
Mary Ann Mavrinac (Libraries)
Eric Fredricksen (Warner/Office of the Provost)
Lydia Rotondo (SON)
Jim Doser (Eastman)
Ron Goettler (Simon)
Stu Jordan (Political Science/CETL)
Cary Peppermint (AS&E)
Doug H. Kelley (AS&E)
Melissa Sturge-Apple (AS&E)
Jon Burdick (Admissions)
Gloria Culver (AS&E)
Jamal Rossi (Eastman)
Joe Testani (AS&E)
Jane Marie Souza (Office of the Provost)

Liaisons to the Working Group

Advancement: Jason Gray, Associate Vice President of University Advancement, AS&E
Communications: Amy McDonald, Associate Vice President for Communications and Strategy
Financial Sustainability: Roger Smith, Senior Financial Officer, AS&E


The working group leaders have invited members across the University to join subgroups aligned to the strategic aims.

Learning in Digital Age/Delivery and Learning Environments

Ron Goettler, Cochair (Simon)
Eric Fredericksen, Cochair (Warner/Office of the Provost)
Mary Ann Mavrinac (Libraries)
Jamal Rossi (Eastman)
Cary Peppermint (AS&E)
Lisa Brown (IT)
Gloria Culver (AS&E)
Raffaella Borasi (Warner)
Janine Shapiro (URMC)
Diane Hartman (URMC)
Jayne Lammers (Warner)
Andrew Wolf (SON)
Charles De Souza (AS&E)
Chris Niemiec (AS&E)
Jane Marie Souza (Office of the Provost)
Rochelle Mazar (Libraries)
Mike Daley (Warner)

Career Development

Joe Testani, Chair (AS&E)
Jim Doser (Eastman)
Jeff Runner (AS&E)
Karen Reifenstein (SON)
Karen Dowd (Simon)
Amy Bruinooge (Simon)
Tracey Baas (SMD)
Eric Vaughn (SMD)
Sharon McCullough (SMD)
Harriette Royer (Warner)
Pamela Black-Colton (Warner)
Martha Krohn (Advancement)
Dave Miller (Warner)
Michelle Cavalcanti (Advancement)

Diverse Campus

Jon Burdick, Chair (AS&E)
Linda Chaudron (URMC)
John Cullen (URMC)
Vivian Lewis (URMC/Office of the Provost/Office of the President)
Beth Olivares (AS&E)
Adrienne Morgan (URMC)
Kara Finnigan (Warner)
MJ Curry (Warner)

Experiential/Community Learning

Lydia Rotondo, Chair (SON)
Jeff Runner (AS&E)
Stu Jordan (AS&E)
Anne Nofziger (SMD)
Rick Waugh (AS&E)
Jane Marie Souza (Office of the Provost)
Melissa Sturge-Apple (AS&E)
Edwin vanWijngaarden (SMD)
Vicki Roberts (SMH)
Scott Steele (URMC)
Julia Maddox (Libraries)
Kim Hoffman (Libraries)
Tom Slaughter (AS&E)
April Luehmann (Warner)
Mike Daley (Warner)