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Lead through Research

A great university is defined by its research. The term “research” as used here encompasses all the scholarly activities of our institution, including the arts, humanities, science, engineering, and clinical research. The creation of any successful strategic plan for research must begin by harvesting the very best ideas of the faculty.

This form provides faculty with an opportunity to (1) contribute ideas for specific initiatives in the domain of research, and/or (2) contribute ideas for processes that enhance University of Rochester research prowess. Concepts from the faculty will be considered until November 17, 2017. Please submit this form multiple times if you have an idea and an initiative, multiple ideas, or multiple initiatives.

1. Initiatives. The goal of the Lead through Research Strategic Plan Working Group is to generate big-picture, transformational initiatives that will make the University of Rochester an even more vibrant and impactful intellectual community in the future. The University has already made substantial commitments to data science and neuroscience, which will be incorporated as major themes in the new research strategic plan. But we also wish to expand the scope of our plan to include other initiatives that have great potential. Our Working Group has identified additional candidate initiatives and leaders to include

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality — Mark Bocko
  • High-Energy-Density Physics — Rip Collins
  • Quantum-Secure Communications & Control — Scott Carney
  • Great Lakes Research Center — Paige Lawrence
  • Early Worlds Initiative — Joan Rubin
  • University of Rochester Economic Policy Institute — Narayana Kocherlakota
  • Translational Immunology — Dave Topham
  • Understanding Aging to Age Well — Dirk Bohmann
  • Translational Research on Advancing New Science for Fostering Mental Health (TRANSFORM) — Sheree Toth
  • The Arts in Medicine at the University of Rochester — Betsy Marvin
  • University of Rochester investment in a large telescope — Dan Watson

We welcome concepts for additional initiatives here. Only a small number of initiatives will be selected for inclusion in the final 2018-2025 Strategic Plan. Nonetheless, we are interested in helping develop promising initiatives even if we are not able to include them in this particular planning document. Please justify your initiative with the following criteria. Highly competitive initiatives will

  • represent transformational–not incremental–research and scholarship;
  • be accessible and exciting for society at large, with significant societal impact;
  • distinguish the University of Rochester from our competitors;
  • engage many faculty members within the institution and possibly other institutions;
  • have identified a committed leader or a process for identifying a leader;
  • have a high probability of garnering external support, including philanthropic support.

2. Processes. We are also interested in receiving your ideas about policies, practices, or resources that will strengthen our competitive position as a premier research institution, irrespective of any specific research domain.


David Williams, Chair (AS&E)
Rob Clark (Office of the Provost)
Steve Dewhurst (SMD)
Rick Waugh (AS&E)
Andrew Ainslie (Simon)
Kim Arcoleo (SON)
Marie Rolf (Eastman)
Jill Halterman (URMC)
Joan Rubin (AS&E/Humanities)
David Topham (SMD)
Mike Campbell (LLE)
Mark Bocko (AS&E)
Henry Kautz (Goergen IDS)
John Foxe (SMD)
David Lewis (IT)
Karen DeAngelis (Warner)
John Kessler (AS&E)
Rip Collins (AS&E)
Scott Carney (AS&E)
Bill Jones (AS&E)
Narayana Kocherlakota (AS&E)
Sheree Toth (AS&E)
Paige Lawrence (SMD)
Katrina Korfmacher (SMD)
Annette Medina-Walpole (SMD)
Dirk Bohmann (SMD)
Yeates Conwell (SMD)

Liaisons to the Working Group

Advancement: Steve Dare, Senior Associate Vice President of University Advancement
Communications: Jenny Leonard, Assistant Vice President for Digital Strategy
Financial Sustainability: Elizabeth Milavec, Associate Vice President Financial Operations and University Controller