Financial Aid

While most financial awards are made on a merit basis, need-based sources of funding may be used when appropriate. For more information on financial aid please visit the Information for New Graduate Students and Financial Aid websites.

If you would like to correspond directly with the Financial Aid Office, please contact your financial aid counselor. Allison Warner, Financial Aid Counselor, has been designated to assist all TEAM students with various financial aid and funding options.

While enrolled in the program, many students work in a variety of places, such as campus libraries, academic departments, and various departments within the University of Rochester. Teaching assistantships are available in various departments, and some departments have research assistantships as well. These positions are paid an hourly rate, and most students work between 10 to 20 hours per week. For more information and on campus job postings, visit the Student Employment Center.

Once a student is enrolled at the University of Rochester, they are eligible to apply for various grants and fellowships to assist with their academic costs. The Fellowships Database website offers information and a searchable database for funding opportunities.