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University Counseling Center (UCC)

Love Relationship Issues

Relationships are an essential part of life. From the day your are born and throughout life, you form relationships with your family, friends, and significant others. It is important to maintain healthy relationships through open communication and respect for the other person.

In a healthy love relationship, each partner enjoys both safety and passion. Shared values, goals, and lifestyle preferences are the core of the relationship. Sharing these things creates a sense of mutual respect. Trust and security are also keys to a healthy relationship.

How to Begin a Healthy Relationship:

The first step in initiating a relationship is to find out what you want from the relationship. Love, happiness, respect, commitment, and fulfillment may all be possibilities of what you need and want from a relationship.

Vital Components for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship:

Stages of a Relationship*:

Every relationship goes through an endless cycle of stages that either strengthen or end the relationship.

This cycle is valid for every relationship whether it is with a friend, family member, teacher, or love interest. Each stage is repeated and the relationship is continually tested. If a positive outcome is reached, the relationship is continually strengthened by each conflict.

A relationship should leave you and your partner with feelings of contentment, self-worth, and fulfillment. If this is not the case, you and your partner should seek help through counseling or therapy in order to sort through the conflicts before they become irreparable.

A healthy relationship requires constant work and nurturing. Like a plant, if it is not constantly looked after, it will die. Relationships take time, energy, and effort, but in the end the benefits of a successful relationship outweighs the costs.

* "Getting What You Want From Relationships." 1996. ETR Associates.

This information was adapted, with permission, from Ball State University