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University Counseling Center (UCC)

Mike Kemp-Schneider, L.M.S.W.

Mike Kemp-Schneider received his bachelor degree in social work at SUNY Brockport in 1989. Prior to continuing his education he worked as a counselor and assistant house manager at East House Corporation, a residential program for adults in early recovery with substance dependency and mental health issues. He then enrolled in the University of Buffalo as an advanced standing student in their social work program, graduating with honors.

He then spent eight years as a substance abuse specialist at Westfall Associates, a privately owned out-patient substance abuse facility. There he developed specialties in group work, utilizing experiential methods to enhance the group process, working with men in recovery and substance use relapse prevention. He developed and facilitated a relapse prevention program for men in early recovery. He also started a small private practice that has continued.

Mike joined the UCC staff in 2002, serving as the substance abuse specialist for the College. He enlists a philosophy of harm reduction in his work with students. He provides consultation to the faculty and staff assisting in working with students who are encountering substance use issues. In addition he teaches a seminar in the substance use and abuse. He provides supervision and leads group therapies including interpersonal process group and graduate men's' group.

Mike's clinical interest lie in the area of men's work, trauma, couples work, ACOA and ongoing recovery issues.