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University Counseling Center (UCC)
Outreach, Special Programs and Consultation

Depression and Suicide

National Depression Screening Day
Annual outreach program designed to provide free and quick screening for your risk of developing or having depression as well as to help the campus community focus on the prevention and early detection of depression and suicide.

Grief and Loss
How do I help someone who is going through a significant loss? How do we allow ourselves to be in college, and to move forward in our lives while grieving, and finding ways to honor that loss? Offers information both on handling losses personally and tips for helping others.

Depression/Suicide Awareness
This program begins with a short film, The Truth about Suicide, which highlights the difficulties of mood disorders and suicidality in the college population. After the film time is offered to discuss reactions, provide education on the warning signs, symptoms, and prevalence of depression and suicide. Also allows opportunities to discuss ways to talk about these issues with others and tips for self-care.