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Outreach, Special Programs and Consultation

Diversity Issues

Dialogue about Sex and Gender Identity
This program is intended to welcome new and returning LGBTQ students to the University of Rochester community. Our intention is to create an opportunity for open dialogue around issues of sexual and gender identity, the coming out process, and the mental health challenges caused by homophobia and heterosexism. The program will run for 1 hour.

Gender Identity
A discussion of the complexity of gender using film clips and information. What happens when there are more options for our sense of ourselves and others than just Male or Female?

White Racial Identity
A discussion of power, privilege and pride – What does it mean to be White? Largely interactive and group-discussion based.

Intimate Partner Violence (GLBTQ community focus)
Program discussion begins by interacting with audience members and exploring myths and facts about intimate partner violence in general and more specifically within the GLBTQ community. Also explores how intimate partner violence in these relationships can have additional nuances that must be understood. Offers additional research-related education on the topic.

Women and Leadership
This outreach program is intended for undergraduate students with an interest in learning more about the barriers (behavioral and cultural) associated with obtaining leadership positions for women. This particular program calls for some reflection and discussion, as it asks participants to think about their leadership behaviors personal barriers. The program also facilitates discussion about how to break through some of these barriers. The program could run for an hour or less, depending on the size of the group.