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Outreach, Special Programs and Consultation

University Counseling Center (UCC)
Outreach, Special Programs and Consultation

General Presentations/Staff and Faculty Programs

Counseling Center Services
This program can run from 15-50 minutes. Q and A forum encouraged.

Dealing with Distressed or Distressing Students
This workshop is for those in leadership roles. Participants in this workshop will learn when and how to deal with distressed students or students who cause distress (e.g., worry, fear) in others. Ideas for interventions, ways to refer and tips on making the most out of your interventions with those students will be included.

Promoting Healthy Relationships among Instructors and Students (College Writing Program)
This presentation will address aspects of boundaries and boundary crossing in relationships. We will consider power dynamics and their impact on relationships. We will work on learning how to define parameters of relationships based on the context in which different kinds of relationships exist. The presentation will examine ways to optimally attend to relationships and consider how to communicate relational needs clearly and effectively.

Difficult Conversations (RA Training Hot Topic)
Need some help with those really hard conversations with your residents? Have residents who have neglected their personal hygiene? Or who are isolating themselves? Are you concerned but really don't know how to talk about it? Are you afraid of being offensive? Learn some ways to have an open and honest conversation with your residents, and also learn why these topics are so important to discuss.