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Outreach, Special Programs and Consultation

Relationships/Conflict/Sexual Assault

Anger Management
This program is discussion based and focuses on exploring the experience of anger, our associated response to the expression of anger as well as how others tend to respond to anger. Participants will learn about styles of anger expression, the function of anger, and ways to constructively express this emotion. Ideal for smaller groups but it can be adapted to larger groups. Generally 1 hour.

How to have Healthy Relationships and Break-ups
This program is intended for an undergraduate audience to provide "tips" for fostering healthy communication, conflict management, and individuation within romantic relationships. The program also outlines Gottman's "four horseman" to provide individuals with a sense of what contributes to less healthy conflict and how to avoid this. Strategies for ending relationships and coping with loss after a break-up are covered. The program could run about an hour if allowing for discussion time and questions.

Conflict Resolution
This program utilizes presentation and discussion to explore why conflict occurs, its usefulness, and ways to manage conflict. Presenters will discuss models of conflict and the utility of knowing how personality variables can affect response to conflict as well as aspects of communication that affect conflict.

Sexual Assault Awareness
In collaboration with UHS Health Promotions Office, this program includes a short movie about sexual assault. UCC staff then facilitates a group conversation about reactions to the movie, beliefs about the prevalence and causes of sexual assault, and students' roles in preventing and addressing sexual assault at the university and other relevant contexts.