bioinformpic  Our mission is to provide a forum for University of Rochester faculty and students working in Computational Biology to meet, present their work, and learn about ongoing work in other groups on campus. The University of Rochester Bioinformatics Cluster brings together members of the University community whose research includes elements of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, defined broadly as using computers to answer biological questions. Expertise and interest in Bioinformatics is found in a large number of departments, spanning both the College and the School of Medicine and Dentistry. The cluster has active participation from seven departments, including Biochemistry & Biophysics, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Biostatistics & Computational Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Electrical & Computer Engineering.

The cluster helps develop the broad cross-disciplinary perspective necessary for successful research and student training in this area and also fosters additional collaborative efforts in this extremely important area. In addition to its intramural activities, the cluster also brings in external speakers in the Bioinformatics area. We leverage our funding through co-sponsorships of visitors with other departments/groups and by inviting prominent visitors who are already at the University of Rochester to speak at the cluster.

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David Mathews — Co-Chair Gaurav Sharma — Co-Chair
Biochemistry and Biophysics Electrical and Computer Engineering
Box 703 Box 270126
585-275-1734 585-275-7313