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University Health Service (UHS)

Laboratory Tests & Procedures at UHS

Laboratory tests done as part of your visit to UHS are billed by one of three places – UHS, Strong Memorial Hospital (SMH), or the SMH Cytopathology Laboratory. For the majority of laboratory tests, the mandatory health fee does not cover the cost of testing. They may be covered by your health insurance, depending on your insurance coverage. If your bill is not completely covered by your insurance, you are responsible for the remaining balance.

If you have diagnostic laboratory tests or other procedures (e.g., wart removal, biopsies, Pap smear, surgical procedures) performed during your visit, you will be charged separately for these procedures. It is a good idea to verify your coverage with your insurance company before receiving services. If you are enrolled in the Aetna Student Health insurance for students, we can assist you with questions about coverage. If you are enrolled in another plan, you should contact your insurance company for specifics about coverage.

Notification of Results: If your test results are abnormal, you will be notified. Depending on the test, it could take up to two weeks for UHS to receive the results. We do not routinely notify patients of normal test results. If you wish to be notified, ask about arranging for secure messaging through UHSConnect. If you would like to discuss the results, call 585-275-2662 to schedule an appointment with your primary care provide (PCP).


IF BILLED BY THE UNIVERSITY HEALTH SERVICE: (Fingerstick glucose, leukocyte dipstick, urine pregnancy test, rapid mono test, and rapid strep test, stool guaiac, wet smear, chlamydia and GC cultures, and HIV tests)

Confidential billing is available for laboratory tests billed by UHS. With confidential billing, you pay the bill at UHS rather than having the bill submitted to your insurance company. Please speak with your primary care provider (PCP) or the receptionist if you would like to arrange for confidential billing.

For students covered by the UR Student Health insurance Plan (Aetna) through UHS:

For students on their own or their parent's insurance:

IF BILLED BY STRONG MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (SMH): (Throat cultures, urinalysis/culture, and blood tests)

For students covered by the UR Student Health insurance Plan (Aetna) through UHS:

For patients on any other insurance:

IF BILLED BY THE SMH CYTOPATHOLOGY LAB: (Pap smears. Note: All New York State insurance companies cover the cost of Pap smears. Insurance from other states might not.)

If you are covered by a New York State insurance plan:

If you are covered by an out-of-state insurance plan: