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Key Stakeholders Help with End-to-End Testing

With UR Student Project’s end-to-end testing underway, we are starting to engage key stakeholders in Student Records, Advising and Student Finance for testing, data validation and change-management activities. During this phase, they will liaise with the core project team to validate the design and data within the system. This includes helping to identify where new processes in UR Student might differ from what is currently in place within their academic units.

With end-users in mind, here are some highlights of system functionality by area to date:

Faculty—Courses, Grading, Rosters
Instructors will be able to access appropriate aspects of a students’ records directly from their course roster. Some of the faculty innovations include:

  • Interim grading
  • View student rosters and teaching schedules
  • Assign final course grades

Staff—Registrars: Cohort Management, Mass Register Students, Create Notes

Student cohorts are a central piece of functionality in UR Student that will be utilized by both faculty and staff for three basic purposes:

  1. To assign students to their advisor(s), as well as the program directors and program coordinators for the students’ program of study
  2. To group students together to meet transactional requirements (e.g., to apply a rule to a group of students)
  3. To place an attribute on a group of students for which there is no delivered field (e.g., class year)

In many cases reporting tools can be used to group students, but when a report cannot be used cohorts are a useful tool.

Registrars will have the ability to mass register groups of students for a particular course-section schedule of course sections. Also, Latin honors can be placed on the student’s record by registrar staff. And Records/Registrar staff will be able to create notes on a student’s record.

Staff—Academic Advising
UR Student will provide a centralized, synchronous system that that will give advisors of all types a view of students’ academic records that is both broad and deep. This closed loop system will streamline communications around students’ success through advisor notes, academic planning and academic progress tools. Enhancements to Student Records and Advising in the works include the following capabilities:

  • Define institutional reason codes for Leave of Absence and Withdrawal
  • Initiate changes by administrator on behalf of a student (e.g., leave of absence, requirements override)
  • Apply comments to the student transcript
  • Create private and public notes on a student’s record

Staff—Bursars: Transactions, Payment Plans, Statements, and more

Viewing Transactions of all individual account entries can be filtered, sorted and exported to Excel.

  • Adjustments to a charge or payment are easily traceable to original entry
  • Most items related to a transaction are active links to relevant information (accounting, source, etc.)

Notes / comments on student accounts to track contact, conversations, etc.

Generation of an up-to-the-minute Student Financial Statement PDF by academic period (i.e. semester). Will be available to staff, students and parents / third parties.

Summary of Account Balance by academic period allows for an easy overview of how much the student owes for each academic period/term.

StudentSelf-Service / Friends and Family Third-Party Access:

Student Self-Enrollment in Payment Plan, etc.

  • Students enroll themselves online in the UR Student system.
  • Payment-plan screen shows due dates, transactions, and more.

In addition to signing up for payment plan, students may also:

  • Enter/save/submit ACH payment info
  • Enter Automated Clearing House (ACH; electronic funds-transfer) information for refunds

o   Students can set up access for friends and family, and determine what kind of access they have; no staff interaction needed

o   Third parties (if granted access by student) may:

– See bill

– Make payment so works with Workday/UR Student FERPA functionality

  • UR Student tracks and shows who made changes to the student account and when they were done

Note: For active students, historical information from SIS will be available in UR Student, including historical transactions and comments on the Historical tab.

Please check UR Student News often for timely updates on the new system.