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Current Known Issues

UR Student

As the UR Student system continues to evolve from its original launch in February 2020 impacts will be monitored. This page serves as a listing of current issues with recommended responses that will assist students, staff, instructors and advisors when using the system. Impacts will be categorized as High, Medium and Low. Rectified items will remain on this page for historical purposes as they are resolved.

Issue #1

Issue #2

  • Group Impacted: AS&E, ESM and Warner Students
  • Current Issue: View Student Account
  • Details: During registration, students may see buttons or other prompts directing them to Student Finance (Bursar’s Office) bills or statements. Prompts like the View Student Account button will not lead students to any charge or credit transactions in UR Student until mid-July of 2020 when the Fall 2020 assessment and billing processes begin.
  • How to Work Around: For accurate account information for all terms prior to Fall 2020, please continue to refer to your billing statements through UR ePay, just as you do today. Learn how to access statements in UR ePay by clicking here. Assessment of charges for Fall 2020 will occur in UR Student beginning in mid-July for some populations and roll out more broadly each week through the beginning of September.
  • Status: Active
  • Impact: High

Issue #3

  • Group Impacted: AS&E, Eastman and Warner Students
  • Current Issue: Onboarding Holds
  • Details: Onboarding holds are not getting removed consistently when all tasks are completed. This issue is due to our transition from the legacy SIS and will not be an issue going forward. A background process has been scheduled to run every 5 minutes to remove this hold for students who have completed Onboarding.
  • How to Work Around: If your registration window is open and you have just completed onboarding, please wait 5 min and refresh the system. If the hold remains on your account, please contact the Registrar’s Office or the UR Student support team to remove your onboarding hold
  • Status: Active
  • Impact: Medium

Issue #4 – Closed

  • Current Issue: Adding a course section from another school to schedule
  • Details: Before the issue was resolved, students could only create a saved schedule for courses in the same school as their primary program of study.
  • Resolution: Workday has delivered a fix. Students may now create a saved schedule for any school at the University of Rochester. Undergraduate students may self-register for AS&E, Eastman or SMD-Grad undergraduate courses. To register for coursework in any other school, please contact your Registrar’s Office. If you create multiple schedules, please remember to register for each individual schedule once registration opens. Related resources: QRC – Create a Saved ScheduleQRC – Requesting Permission to RegisterQRC – Register During Open Registration
  • Status: Resolved

Issue #5

  • Group Impacted: All Students
  • Current Issue: GPA/Grading Discrepancy
  • Details: Some historical grade calculations are incorrect at this time. Due to preparing for registration and additional complications due to COVID-19, it may take several weeks for your GPA to be accurately reflected in UR Student.
  • How to Work Around: Transcripts are still being generated out of the legacy SIS. So, if your grade calculation is correct in Student Access, then it will be correct on your Official Transcript. You do not need to take any further action. We have documented your issue and will work to remediate in the coming weeks. If there is an issue with your grade calculation in Student Access, please contact your Registrar.
  • Status: Active
  • Impact: Medium

Issue #6

  • Group Impacted: All Users
  • Current Issue: CDCS Issues
  • Details: There are currently a number of known issues with CDCS; we are actively working to remediate these but they will not be resolved in time for registration.
  • How to Work Around: Find Course Sections in UR Student for the most up to date and accurate Fall 2020 course schedule. Other resources;  Undergraduate Portal, Graduate Portal, QRC – Find Course Sections
  • Status: Active
  • Impact: Medium

Issue #7

  • Group Impacted: Instructors, Advisors, Student Records Administrators, Curriculum Administrators, Student Records View Only
  • Current Issue: Using Find Courses N1199 to search by Subject
  • Details: Since there are some subjects that exist in multiple schools, using the faceted search in the left sidebar can be confusing because each subject will be listed twice in the Search selection
  • How to Work Around: Use the following approach when using this report to search by Subject
    • Use the faceted search in the left sidebar to limit the search results by location (Ex. River Campus for AS&E OR Eastman)
    • DO NOT USE the faceted search in the left sidebar for Subject
    • Use the Search bar at the top of N1199 report to search for subject (Ex. ENG) – the results will be constrained by location
  • Status: Active
  • Impact: Medium

Issue #8

  • Group Impacted: Curriculum Administrators, Registrars, Students
  • Current Issue: Class Standing Based Course Eligibility Restrictions
  • Details: Class Standing Eligibility rules evaluate a student’s CURRENT class standing, not their rising status (i.e.: current Sophomores are considered rising Juniors. Any class standing eligibility rules will evaluate the student’s current class of Sophomore).
  • How to Work Around: Rules have been updated to serve this purpose. We will need to revisit and update the rules on course sections after the Spring semester had ended and students’ class standings are updated. Please read the eligibility rules considering a student’s current class year.
  • Status: Active
  • Impact: Medium

Issue #9

Issue #10

  • Group Impacted: Students, Instructors
  • Current Issue: Eligibility Override Denials by Instructors
  • Details: If an instructor denies a request for an eligibility override, the student will not see any comment that the instructor enters in the ‘comment box’.
  • How to Work Around: How to Work Around: If you need to communicate with the student about why you are denying their request, please send them an email to contact them. We did confirm that if an instructor sends back the student sees their send back comment and can respond again though so that is good. Instructor Portal, QRC – Approve or Deny a Course Request for Registration
  • Status: Active
  • Impact: Medium

Issue #11

  • Group Impacted: AS&E and Eastman Undergraduate Students
  • Current Issue: AP Credit
  • Details: When some AP credits were converted from the legacy Student Information System (SIS), they were associated with a specific UR course equivalent rather than counting for elective credit (e.g., awarding AP credit for PHY 113 instead of awarding elective PHY credit).
  • How to Work Around: No further action is needed. The UR Student support team is aware of the issue and is in the process of reviewing impacted records to correct. Until the issue is resolved, if you take the same course that you appear to have received AP Credit for, it may count as a “repeat”. Once the AP credit issue is remediated, this will automatically correct itself. Student transcripts are still being generated out of the legacy SIS so your official academic record remains intact.
  • Status: Active
  • ImpactLow

Issues #12

  • Group Impacted:  All students
  • Current Issue: Audit course hours adding into course total hours
  • Details: Auditing courses within UR Student System: if you select to audit a course within the system, it will count toward the total credit hours registered for.
  • How to work around: Audit course hours going over the Maximum units for registration should be sent to CCAS on a Drop/Add form with a note to be added to your classes.
  • Status: Active
  • Impact: Medium

Issues #13

  • Group Impacted:  All students
  • Current Issue: Changes for Spring 2020 courses with multiple formats
  • Details: If there was a change to the students courses for the Spring 2020 in a course that has an additional format, laboratory, workshop or recitation, UR Student may not accurately represent the students courses they are registered for.
  • How to work around: A support ticket will need to be opened to correct this in UR Student. Please add course details related to the issue, what is missing and your University ID #.
  • Status: Active
  • Impact: Low