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UR Student

UR Student will impact Staff, Support Staff, Faculty (except the SMD MD Program faculty) and Students within the University.  Read further to learn how Staff members will be impacted and how to prepare for this change. Visit the UR Student Project page for essential project information.


Advisors Change Areas:

Advisors and Student Support Staff will have a centralized, synchronous view of student information that shows progress towards objectives. This comprehensive student profile along with an integrated communication system linking Student Records, Student Finance, Advisers, Faculty, Admissions, and Financial Aid to better support student success.

Each area below highlights upcoming features based on UR Student design. More information will be provided as these features are designed and tested.

To stay aware of the product and process changes, attend our Demo Days events. Meeting details will be posted on our UR Student News and Calendar the second Thursday of every month with event materials available two days before the event.