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Dias lab reports new technique for synthesizing superconducting materials

University of Rochester researchers who demonstrated superconducting materials at room temperatures last fall, now report a new technique in the quest to also create the materials at lower pressures.

 In a paper published in Physical Review Letters, the lab of Ranga Dias, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and of physics and astronomy, describes separating hydrogen atoms from yttrium with a thin film of palladium.

 “This is a completely new technique that nobody has used before for high pressure superhydride synthesis,” Dias says. Read the full article here.

Dias and Salamat have started a new company, Unearthly Materials, to find a path to a room temperature superconductor that can be scalable at ambient pressure. Patents are pending. Anyone interested in licensing the technology can contact Curtis Broadbent, licensing manager at URVentures.

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