Advisory Board

Advocacy Committee

Julia Postler, Executive Director

Julia Postler became the Executive Director of Horizons at Warner after three years of being the Assistant Director under the program’s founder Lynn Gatto. Julia has over twenty years of teaching experience in rural, urban, suburban, public, private, and corporate educational settings.
Prior to coming to Horizons at Warner, she was a Visiting Instructor at Nazareth College School of Education, Graduate Literacy and Technology Department for seven years. Julia is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at the Warner School of Education.
She also teaches a course for undergraduates at the University of Rochester on Strategies for Tutoring Urban Students in K-3rd grade. Julia is pleased to be a part of Horizons National which serves over 5,000 children nationwide each year.

Ellie Rusling, Chair
Algernon Kelley, Vice Chair
Margaret Martin, Secretary

Erin Eder
Kathy Farrar
Preston Faulkner
Marilyn Fenster
Lynn Gatto
Anand Marri
Marie Merenda
Elizabeth Mirt
Ray Sherbinski
Matt Sitler

Children gathered around volunteer on a couch who taught them how to crochet