Promoting college and career readiness through entrepreneurship

Horizons students in Rettner Hall

The risks and rewards associated with mentoring young people for entrepreneurship are attracting growing attention among policymakers, development organizations and scholars. Companies, organizations and communities have found themselves needing to step up to help solve these problems and finding ways to support student success. “Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking are essential […]

The importance of students having teachers that look like them, how important is it?

Students sitting with teacher on the steps of Warner.

Research shows that students benefit when teachers share their race or gender. Yet most teachers are white women. The research suggests that this is one of the contributing factors to the pervasive gender and race gaps in student achievement: Overall, girls outperform boys, and white students outperform those who are […]

2020 Volunteer and Giving Opportunities with Horizons at Warner!

What does Horizons at Warner need? How can you help? There are numerous opportunities throughout the year to volunteer with or sponsor us! Individual Volunteering During the 30-day program, volunteers are always needed in our workshops in which children are educated in self-chosen research topics and skills like music, art, […]

Why Read? The importance of instilling a love of reading early.

Woman sitting on the floor reading to a group of small children gathered closely around. her

Why Read? Definitionally, literacy is the ability to “read, write, spell, listen, and speak.” Carol Anne St. George, EdD, an associate professor and literacy expert at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education, wants kids to fall in love with reading. “It helps grow their vocabulary and their understanding […]

Rochester’s students continue to lag in English and math, how do we combat this?

“The State Education Department released the spring 2019 test results for grades 3-8 in English and math today, and the Rochester City School District remains the lowest performing of the state’s Big Five districts. Only 13.2 percent of the Rochester district’s students were grade-level proficient in English. That was an […]

President of the University, Sarah Mangelsdorf, visits Horizons!

President of the university squatting next to a young child and a teacher sitting at a classroom table.

Last week we were honored to host University of Rochester  president, Sarah Mangelsdorf, for her visit to see the program in action! Mangelsdorf is an internationally known professor of psychology, especially for her research on the social and emotional development of infants and young children, things we definitely care about […]