Department of


Earl Conee

Research Interests

Ethics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind

Courses Offered (subject to change)

  • PHL 102  Ethics
  • PHL 300  Seminar for Majors

Selected Publications

  • "Against Moral Dilemmas," Philosophical Review, 1982
  • "Evidentialism," (co-authored with Richard Feldman) Philosophical Studies, 1985
  • "Evident, but Rationally Unacceptable," The Australian Journal of Philosophy, 1987
  • "The Basic Nature of Epistemic Justification," The Monist, 1988
  • "Why Moral Dilemmas Are Impossible," American Philosophical Quarterly, 1989
  • "The Possibility of Power Beyond Possibility," Philosophical Perspectives V, 1991
  • "Phenomenal Knowledge," The Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 1994
  • "Seeing the Truth," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, December 1998
  • "Metaphysics and the Morality of Abortion," Mind, October 1999
  • "Heeding Misleading Evidence," Philosophical Studies 2001
  • (With Richard Feldman) Evidentialism: Essays in Episemology, OUP, 2004
  • "Contextualism Contested," Contemporary Debates in Epistemology, Blackwell, 2005
  • "Disjunctivism and Anti-Skepticism," Philosophical Issues, 2007
Recent Papers
  • "Opposing Skepticism Disjunctively" is a shorter version of "Disjunctivism and Anti-Skepticism," published in Philosophical Issues, 2007. The paper argues that disjunctivism about perceptual experience has no overall assets and some overall liabilities as a response to external world skepticism.
  • "Peerage" is a draft of a paper about rational disagreement