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Close-up of a member of the species of Northern paper wasps.

Paper wasp parasites turn hosts into long-lived ‘zombies’

University of Rochester undergraduate students and their biology professor study what paper wasps—and the parasites that manipulate them—can tell us about evolution, aging, and group living.

September 23, 2022

Science & Technology

side by side images showing pillars surrounded by dust and stars

How do magnetic fields affect star formation and high-energy-density lab experiments?

Rochester researchers hope to explain how the fields occur in plasma instabilities

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September 19, 2022
Newborn baby being weighed on a scale in the hospital.

Using data science to estimate fetal weight

Estimates of fetal weight in the third trimester of pregnancy are often inaccurate, so School of Nursing researchers are turning to data science for better assessments.

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September 16, 2022
Illustration shows two views of the Earth, one focused on Antarctica and one focused on the Arctic, show ocean currents with gold lines.

Rochester researchers go ‘outside the box’ to delineate major ocean currents

For the first time, University researchers have quantified the energy of ocean currents larger than 1,000 kilometers.

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September 15, 2022

Society & Culture

Three different groups of old-fashioned desks—magenta, yellow, and blue—with letters a, b, and c in brackets over each of the three groups to illustrate grouping theory.

What is the best way to group students?

Rochester researchers have developed a new approach that uses math to determine the best ways to group individuals to maximize learning.

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September 6, 2022
People sitting in a circle and holding scripts.

Using improv to address COVID vaccine hesitancy

A new program combines improv theater techniques with coaching on motivation theory to help health care workers guide patients during conversations about vaccination.

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September 2, 2022

Mt. Hope Family Center expands evidence-based trauma services

New federal funding will support the center’s programs addressing child and family trauma at individual and systemic levels.

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August 22, 2022

The Arts

two student actors seated on a stage, both looking away from each other.

Sam Chanse play premieres at Sloan Performing Arts Center

Fellowship is the latest production commissioned as part of the New Voice Initiative supporting early-career playwrights

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September 27, 2022
Jericho Brown seated in a red chair in a field of flowers.

Plutzik Reading Series opens 60th anniversary season with Jericho Brown

The Pulitzer Prize–winning poet will give a reading as part of the University of Rochester’s 202–23 Hyam Plutzik Memorial Reading Series—one of the nation’s oldest literary reading series.

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August 31, 2022
Sydney Greaves teaching arts integration lesson sitting on floor with children.

Can arts integration deepen students’ understanding?

A partnership between City of Rochester schools and the Memorial Art Gallery leads to innovation in arts education and furthers the museum’s mission to serve the Greater Rochester community.

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August 2, 2022

In Photos

Laurel Lawson hovers above the stage, arms and wheels lifted, supported by Alice Sheppard who partners her from below. Alice is on her back, lifting Laurel, locking eyes and opening her arms in embrace. They are surrounded by small wood ramps and bathed in cool blue light. Laurel is a white dancer with cropped blue hair and Alice is a multiracial Black woman with short curly hair; their skin, shimmery costumes and chairs reflect the light.

Disability arts ensemble Kinetic Light performs at the Sloan Performing Arts Center

September 12, 2022

The internationally recognized ensemble Kinetic Light performed at the Sloan Performing Arts Center as part of the group’s fall 2022 East Coast tour. Using art, technology, design, and dance, the artists create, perform, and teach at the intersections of access, queerness, disability, dance, and race.

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Student Life

student in a white lab coat and blue gloves stands in a lab full of equipment.

Laith Awad ’24 receives inaugural Obama-sponsored Voyager Scholarship for public service

A first-generation college student and accomplished leader and scholar, Awad aims to combat systemic racism and socioeconomic disparities within health care.

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September 14, 2022
Three people moving into residence halls with luggage atop dollies.

Movers and shakers: Welcoming the Class of 2026 to campus

In a return to move-in-day tradition, more than 1,600 students at the College and the Eastman School of Music embarked on their Rochester experience this week.

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August 24, 2022
historic photo of Wilson Commons, an I.M. Pei building, under construction.

Wilson Commons, designed by I.M. Pei, remains a centerpiece of campus life

Over several decades, Wilson Commons has become a place to study, eat, dance, play billiards or violin, put out a newspaper, and even stage a student protest or two.

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August 4, 2022

Voices & Opinion

Brain with the color, texture, and stitching of a football against a blue background with a repeating pattern of a quarterback outlined in lighter blue.

Brain’s cognitive bias dominates in fantasy sports

In fantasy sports, “your brain can twist and interpret fantasy results in ways that are suboptimal, lazy, and illogical,” explains brain and cognitive scientist Renee Miller.

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September 13, 2022
Turner Field poster honors #44 Hank Aaron.

A baseball call for the ages: Hank Aaron’s record-breaking home run

Baseball broadcasting expert Curt Smith penned an essay for the Library of Congress about Milo Hamilton’s memorable home run call.

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August 29, 2022
archival photo of Vin Scully in the broadcast booth.

Rochester’s Curt Smith remembers Vin Scully

The author of multiple books on baseball, its storied stadiums and legendary broadcasters, recalls a baseball broadcasting legend.

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August 19, 2022

University News

Eastman Quad in the fall.

Key information on federal student debt relief programs

Members of the University community with federal student loans may be eligible for student debt relief.

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September 22, 2022
young woman wearing a black face mask in front of a microscope..

Institute of Optics aims for 50 percent increase in faculty

A $12 million challenge fund presents an opportunity to increase the program’s prominence at a critical time for the optics field.

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September 18, 2022
portraits of three professors.

Faculty in data science, mechanical engineering, and history to receive Goergen Awards

Established in 1997, the award recognizes distinction in undergraduate teaching among faculty in Arts, Sciences & Engineering.

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September 14, 2022