R-Q1: How do I find and save reports to my Favorites Worklet?


A: Here are the steps to find and add a report to your Workday Favorites Worklet:

Adding a Worklet (Favorites, or Grant Management Dashboard) window to your Home Screen

  1. Log into Workday
  2. Click the COG icon to the right of your home page
  3. Click the + (Plus) sign in the Optional Worklets area, then type Favorites in the Worklet column and press Enter on your keyboard
  4. Select Ok, then Done

Adding Reports to your Favorite window

  1. Click the COG icon within the Favorites window and chose Manage Favorites
  2. Type in the Workday report name you would like to add to your Favorites in either the Favorite Tasks/Reports, or Favorite Custom Reports prompt field.  It will be in one or the other.  If one of the fields does not accept your report name try the other field.
  3. Select Enter on your keyboard when done.
    Tip: Use the Report Crosswalk to help find your FRS report in Workday terms
  4. Select OK in the Manage Favorites screen, then select Done

Please refer to the NCL Basics Reporting Quick Reference card located on the Training Materials page for details on selecting common report prompts and running reports