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University Tools

Powerful Tools help users find Spend and Revenue category information along with company-level user EIBs templates for mass journal upload.

Ledger Accounts SC/RC list and EIB Tools

Enterprise Interface Builders

When using updated EIB forms, delete any previous versions you may have on your hard drive and use versions found here.

Workday’s EIB Tool is designed to upload financial transactions in batches.  This tool will only work for certain Workday roles assigned to use it.

  • E307_Update_Related_Worktags_31.0
    Use this EIB to transfer balances from old FAO worktags to new FAO worktags.  For example, if the cost center is changed on an FAO and a balance resides on the old worktag use this EIB to transfer the balance to the new worktag.

*Updated 05/19/22 – delete all other templates.

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