Security Audit Forms Due on Monday

The UR Financials Security Audit process is wrapping up.  All applicable documents are due by Monday February 29th, otherwise access will be turned off until received.

Ensure your access remains active by sending in your documents today.

Read more for instruction on how to complete this process.

If you have questions please email

UR Financials Conducts its Annual Security Audit

It’s time for our annual security verification process for all UR Financials users. Over the past year, employees may have transferred, or left the University without updating their security. This initiative is to validate security for accuracy and completeness within the system. This annual security audit is required for all current Workday users.

User accounts needing adjustment will require the completion of a Workday Security (Access) Form  to document changes needed.

All users should complete the steps below with a signed security verification form returned no later than February 29th.

To begin, complete the following steps:

  1. Run the View My Role Assignments report within the UR Financials system.
    view my role
  2. Once this report is run, select the Print button in the lower left corner of the screen to print this Role Audit report. This will automatically print as a PDF type form with approval lines for manager signature.Tip: This PDF report will also be saved to the Workday W: drive and can be retrieved there.
    role audit form
  3. Review the Organization Type, Organization and Roles Name assigned for appropriateness and accuracy.
  4. If security listed is correct, sign and date, then obtain manager approval. Follow instructions listed at bottom of the Role Audit report for submission. Skip to step 6.
  5. If a correction is needed, check the I need to add or remove access” check box on the Role Audit report then, complete a UR Financials Workday Access Form to document changes needed and gain all approvals necessary on that form.

Use this short list of Role definitions list below to determine if you have requested the correct role for access. Linked here is a complete list of roles and definitions.

role types

6.  Send form and/or report to:
UR Financials Security Attn: Traci Slingerland College Town
44 Celebration Drive
Box 278966 

Email a scanned copy to

Note: For Role Audit reports with no corrections send the Role Audit report only.  For Role Audit reports that need corrections send both the Role Audit report and UR Financials Security form.

Remember, all users should have signed UR Financials user security verification forms by Monday, February 29th.

If you have questions please email

Sign up for Inaugural User Group Meeting

Please join us for the first UR Financials User Group meeting.  This group has been created to inform, discuss, and share UR Financials practice with one another for continued learning and support.  May’s meeting will focus on UR Financials Communications and Reporting.

Please, sign-up here to participate in person, or remotely on:
May 20th from 1:30 – 2:30 PM. (This group meets once a month)

For those partaking in the meeting via WebEx – click hereand enter your name and e-mail if prompted.
The meeting password is: Workday24
Conference call info is included below:
Dial in: 1-888-330-3581Access Code: 6534022

Meeting agenda is posted below:

  • Project Announcement and Accomplishments
  • Reporting Workshops
  • UR Financials Communications
    • Newsletter
    • Financial Close Notifications
  • UR Financials Functionality Enhancements
  • Upcoming Events

Presentation materials will be accessible through this link.

Updated Financial Form Ready for Use – Journal Entry Form

Before you use any financial form, visit the Finance Form page to download the latest version.  These forms may be updated frequently as indicated in the effective date column.

The Journal Entry form has been significantly updated to include printing fixes and required information for Grant journal entries .

Printing has been modified to include printing all data on one page as originally designed.  Adding journal lines to the form may increase pages printed.

Journal entries that impact Grants now have additional required information at the bottom of the form. Two clarifying questions have been added for these transaction types.

Please know that the Budget Date should be the date that the charge was incurred (date the service was provided, or materials/supplies delivered) and should be included on the form for all transactions.  This is additional guidance to the video training provided.

Delete Outdated Finance Forms

As you may know, many financial forms have been updated to reflect the new Financial Data Model used in UR Financials.

Please delete your current forms from your hard drive and save for reference (bookmark) the Finance Forms page instead.  Here you will find the most up-to-date financial forms with instruction on how to use the Financial Data Converter (FDC) tool for translating your previous FRS account codes.

Remember:  From January 9th on, forms will require the appropriate FDM code(s) listed in the account code section.  If they are not included, they will be sent back to be added.  Processing time will be impacted.
To prevent this, come to our Tools Workshop to learn how to use the FDC Tool.

If you need assistance with completing forms, please your Project Champion.

Updated Crosswalks Available

Several Crosswalks have been updated and are listed below.

When using these tools, you will see that some FRS subcodes have been consolidated under one Spend or Revenue Category. In addition, you will find new Spend and Revenue Categories that don’t currently exist in FRS as subcodes. This is by design as we move to the new Chart of Accounts in UR Financials.

Use the FDC and these Tools: FRS Subcode to Workday Worktags Crosswalk in conjunction with the updated UR Financials Ledger Accounts, Spend & Revenue Category Listing

  • FRS Department to Workday Cost Center Crosswalk
  • FRS Account to UR Financials FAO Crosswalk
  • UR Financials Ledger Accounts, Spend & Revenue Category Listing
  • FRS Subcode to Workday Worktags Crosswalk

Financial Form Video Training for Code Translation – Updated Forms Require New Codes

As of January 6th, financial forms updated to reflect the new Workday Financial Data Model (FDM) need to have the appropriate FDM code(s) noted on the form.  This is to ensure processing happens in a timely manner.  If there are updated forms submitted with FRS codes noted, they will be returned to be translated and submitted again for processing.

If you need help with FRS Code translation, video training is available. Learn about form changes, how to translate your FRS codes and proper form use via 5 minute instructional videos found on the Finance Form page.

Select the appropriate Instructional Video link found adjacent to it’s associated form. For an orientation to the updated forms, or if you do not see a video for a specific form, view the Introduction to Forms video located at the top of the Finance Forms page. Effective dates of use can also be found on the Finance Form page which indicates when to start using these updated forms.

Form video training links are also located on the UR Financials Forms page and co-located on the Video Snippets page.


Preparing for Go Live: Updated Financial Forms Are Ready for Download

As part of the UR Financials (Workday) implementation, most financial forms have been updated.  These forms have been scheduled for release as they become ready for use.  Visit the Finance Form page now to download updated versions of common forms and see their effective date for use.  Training videos have also been provided which will guide users on how to complete these forms using the new Financial Data Model (FDM). The Introduction to Forms video, located at the top of the page, is a great place to start.

During this time of transition (December – January) it is acceptable to provide both the FRS account and the Workday translation on forms.  After February, all forms must use the new FDM code structure.

Remember: Delete previous versions of forms from your hard drive after downloading the updated forms.

Please Contact Us with any questions you may have.

Announcements on Forms, Training and Conversions

To help you prepare for the UR Financials system going live on January 5th, we have posted these articles on the following topics:

Please cascade this information to interested parties and keep posted to this site as we announce more guidance and support for this transition.

UR Financials (Workday) to Go Live On January 5, 2015 and Forms Schedule

The university is transitioning from its 30+ year old financial system to a new UR Financials system.  The UR Financials system is based on the Workday Financial suite and is expected to be available to all trained users on Monday, January 5, 2015.  The transition will require most financial forms to change from the old accounting language to the new accounting language.  Information on which forms are changing and the transition date for when each new form is available will be posted on the Finance Forms website.

Here is the schedule when the new forms should be used:

  • Starting with submissions on 12/29 : F4, F7, F8, F34, AP Request form, F5, F6, F9 forms
  • Starting with submissions on 12/31: F3 form
  • Starting with deposits posting January 1st: Banking Entry form
  • Starting with submissions on Journal Entry 1/1/15

Please visit the Purchasing, or Treasury  website for their updated forms.

Instructional forms videos are now available on our Forms page.  Please review the Introduction to Forms video to learn more about the new accounting language. It is suggested that for this transitional period (December and January), that both the old FRS and new UR Financials accounting terms be entered on the forms.

Remember: If you have any versions of these forms stored on your computer, delete those versions and replace them with the new versions.

Please contact us with questions you may have.