UR Financials Login

UR Financials uses SaaS technology, or “the cloud,” and requires the use of an Internet browser to gain access.

To access the production system, select the Start UR Financials button below.
start UR Financials


  • NEW:  To view user security assigned in UR Financials, Run the Role Assignments for Worker report.  Users can only view their access and no other.
  • Extra Security for Remote System Access
    Beginning January 5, 2015, Duo two-factor authentication will be required for remote access to UR Financials.
  • Desktop Browser Compatibility
    To log into the UR Financials system, you will need to use Internet Explorer (v. 9 or higher with Adobe Flash player v. 10.1.53 or higher), Google Chrome 31+, Mozilla Firefox 35+, Apple Safari 6+ on Mac OS X, or Opera Browser 25+.

    • Viewing Supplier invoices requires Internet Explorer browser for OnBase access. If you do not see an invoice appear using IE and OnBase, try adding the website to the IE Compatibility list.

For web browser upgrades and support, contact the Help Desk at (585) 275-2000 or univithelp@rochester.edu.